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Why choose ikan-ikon?

1) ikan-ikon builds lasting organically* search engine optimized websites that are set up to get ranked on Google. We devote time after the website is built to get your website ranked. Some of our SEO is included and some services are optional, so you can get what you need fit into your budget. * Organic SEO websites get listed in keyword search engine rankings without paying for the listings. Once you get ranked organically, you can stay ranked as long as you do not change your website.

2) As a comprehensive UX/UI Full Stack Website Developer with over twenty-four years experience creating websites from scratch, ikan-ikon is skilled in both the back-end web site development coding and the front-end web site design. We create hard-coded HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, and CMS websites, hard-coded and CMS online stores, information websites, business, and event websites. We can both marry and debug code. This means that you are getting three services in one freelance website developer for the cost of a regular website designer.

3) ikan-ikon only builds secure websites that do not have technical issues or critical errors because we do not use perpetually problematic Wordpress to design a website for you that will be riddled with problems for years until one day it just no longer works at all! Many of our clients tried a Wordpress website created elsewhere then came to ikan-ikon after their Wordpress website inevitably went offline. ikan-ikon creates real websites the right way, so the website lasts as long as the business does and works for the company 24/7, as all websites should. This is another important distinction between ikan-ikon and other freelancers and agencies out there who are providing what may seem like the same services, but is very different.

4) ikan-ikon started as a traditional, educated Artist, then continued with college for business and marketing and then also graphic design and multimedia web design. This translates into beautiful, functional websites and design projects that you will love to look as well as use to promote your business.

5) ikan-ikon charges within the same range as those website designers, but for a far superior website that will last forever, if you want it to. You need your website to work as hard as you do. Our website design and marketing services can be ordered as all-inclusive packages that you can add to over time, if you want, accommodating any budget. We can create an Action Plan to fit your budget, so you can build up a strong business presence over time still benefitting in the meantime.

Freelance Marketing Manager, Freelance Marketing Consultant

Hire a freelancer to do all of your marketing and advertising, including website maintenance, web site marketing, business marketing. social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, graphic design, web marketing, Internet marketing, print marketing, marketing training, and marketing consulting.

View options for monthly marketing memberships or marketing for only one month or one project. Hire a Marketing Temp for as long or as short as you need marketing help with no employee responsibilities, getting what you need when you need it done by a Freelance Marketing Manager with over twenty years of experience.

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Get people's attention with website design and marketing that drives traffic to your website then to you! We provide this simple guide so you can see what you need and how each piece fits together to create a strong web presence.

Website Design

People enjoy visiting websites that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and have what people are looking for readily available. This page talks about what should be included in a website package and then (b) goes into more detail on the different types of websites and creators, so you can make informed decisions. More
3- Website Design Packages went over what is already included in all of our starter Website Design and web site development packages. 4-Website Design Niche Pages gets you the web pages that relate to your industry and your specialties. More

This page goes over the search engine optimization you need to get ranked at all on search engines. We have made everything simple for you. All you need to do is order the Starter SEO package so you can get ranked on Google and all the other search engines. More

Features make your website more interesting to your site visitors, which keeps them on your web pages longer. The longer people stay on each web page within your website, the better your rankings can become. More

The services on this page help you get ranked on search engines higher and faster. These are optional suggested things you can do to help improve your rankings. They can be started immediately or added later on. More

Once your website is made, you have to get the word out that it exists, and that will improve your rankings. The more people who visit your website, the better your rankings can get, quickly. You want to unveil your new website like you would a grand opening of a new store or restaurant, to get people there. More


Before you start doing any marketing or advertising, you need to start with a good plan. The overall Marketing Plan gets broken down into sub plans for each type of marketing and advertising you plan to do. All of the marketing plans are explained on this page. More

After you have the plans, it is time to develop the campaign ideas that will drive the marketing and advertising and bring customers to you. The campaign ideas lead to the development of the individual marketing and advertising pieces, online and in print. More

Social media marketing meets your customers where they are already comfortable, on their home turf. SMM helps manage your online interactions, inspires connections with your audience, and brings people to you, allows your watchers to come to trust you. The steps are: the plan, the calendar, the profile, tagging, the posts, the reports, analysis, and improvements for the next go round. More

3- Website Design Packages went over what is already included in all of our starter Website Design and web site development packages. 4-Website Design Niche Pages gets you the web pages that relate to your industry and your specialties. More

There are several options to build up your web presence and make your business more successful, including fixing web directories, building funnels, referral links, and blogs. More

We make it simple for you by offering all-inclusive packages and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) packages that set you up for success. We help you launch providing you with the tools you need. More

Expert management of your online pay-per-click and social media marketing strategizing with a well-planned short- or long-term multi-channel marketing plan. Order a package or a la carte. Utilize every tool and get training too. More

Gorgeous custom graphic design working hand-in-hand with exceptional proven and inspired marketing and advertising techniques increasing your value proposition thereby improving your sales. You get beautiful design made right. More

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