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Print Marketing

Direct Mailers

EDDM stands for Every Day Direct Mail. The project is designed with the postage already printed on the pieces. Then, all you do is select your location by zip code, neighborhood, city, etc. and give them to the post office, and they take care of everything for you. The mailers have to go to every address in that zone, so it is usually a mixture of business and residential. You can target areas by your choices. This is a very affordable form of print marketing. You can send oversized menus or oversized postcards EDDM. Please request a custom quote with your preferences. Preference should include: 1) Menu or Postcard, 2) Quantity you need, 3) Some details about your project, goals you would like to achieve, to give us a starting point to work from. They are always 2-sided and full color on at least one side. If you wish to save money, these things only save a couple dollars. The way to save is to buy either a small quantity at a time paying a higher cost per piece or a to buy a large quantity up front for a year’s worth of mailings to save on the cost per piece.

Print Ads

Print ads include magazine ads, newspaper ads, local organizations ads, trade show ads, newsletter ads, ads going into publications of any sort, looseleaf ads to be used for any purpose. These are tangible ads people can touch and look at with their hands.
A time block is 1.5 hours to develop the ad itself, and is the standard building fee. It is also the standard ad ROI analysis and tweaking fee, billed as needed, for design adjustments in additional publications.
A print ad takes one time block to create the ad and one time block to handle the project management.
A pay-per-click web ad takes one time block to develop the ad and one time block per week to manage the ad.
If you are getting more than one ad or have more than one target audience, product or service, order one time block per target audience / per ad.
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Advertising (per ad and per time block)


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Trade Shows

We design unique multimedia and physical trade show displays that people want to visit, awesome print ads, and can handle all aspects of trade show marketing and trade show advertising for you including printing marketing materials and getting your swag. Please request a custom quote because there a hundreds of thousands of options! We would like to get an idea of your quantity needs, any ideas you have thought about, so we can have a launching point to do research and collect some prices for ideas you can consider.

Media Kits and Advertorials

We write media kits that gain media presence, inspire media articles and press coverage that promote your products and services and gets people to your events. These promote something new you have going on and they get mailed to media outlets, magazines, the newspaper, etc., to inform them of it and hopefully inspire them to take interest and run free advertising for you, in the form of advertorials.


Advertorials are free articles written about businesses that provide a profile and they lend third-party credibility to your business. These are articles that are written with different lengths that can go into the media kit and be used for all types of marketing, so you have synergy in your marketing presence. Please request a custom quote.
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Media Kits and Advertorials


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