NOTE: This timeline is to be used as a basic guide to show the processes, not to declare specific deadline dates.

Client is defined as everyone on 1st Party team who is involved with the project. Designer is 2nd Party ikan-ikon. At each milestone and Phase, Client decides what they want as a cohesive team. Client provides unanimous approval from all client project team members with only one Point of Contact BEFORE e-mailing Designer approvals. No exceptions. Then, Client provides ikan-ikon with 1 email = 1 complete set of changes to be made at 1 time, for each Phase transition. Client will be charged if not abiding by this efficient project development guideline. Also, additional sets of changes that are not included in the PROJECT TIMELINE/PHASES and pricing will be charged per hour at the a la carte rate, if wanting to try things or piecing together changes.

An example of this: Sending a bunch of text messages about various changes will add on a fee of $75 versus sending 1 e-mail with all 15 changes, which is included in the cost of building the website because ikan-ikon values efficiency.

Although the development process varies from project to project depending on variables (submission of content, approvals, answers to questions, etc), the timeline of deliverables displays each phase of the website development process. Also, please note that deadlines assume a timely response from the client during all milestones, including kick-off planning, project planning and development, graphic design, user interface design, web site development processes, beta testing, and changes.

Retainer Down Payment is made and contract is signed.
Note: There is 1 contract for lifetime of Client/Designer relationship.
Each future project has a form that is specific for that project, but it falls under the original contract, so we don't waste time when the terms remain the same anyway.

Client gives Designer text, layout, images, and design, to create a proof of what Client wants, in its entirety, with regard to wording and general layout, format suggestions, and requests.

PHASE ONE: Concept Design

Designer makes a computer rendered proof exactly as ordered on the Order Form by Client.

Web Site Design:
✓ Develop a logical flow for the navigation and usability of the site
✓ Visually begin to design the feel of the website
✓ Skeleton and Home page design becomes test dummy for design and functionality of the rest of the site

PHASE ONE PROOF PRESENTATION #1: Designer e-mails proof to Client for approval.

PHASE 1 CLIENT CHANGES #1 OR APPROVAL: Client uses Changes Request Form or Approval Form and Designer gets e-mail from Client with clearly explained changes being requested.


NOTE: Right now is total freedom time to make any and all changes because the no layers have been flattened to make any changes yet, so anything can be done right now.


PHASE ONE CHANGES REQUEST FORM #2 OR APPROVAL: If Client wants more changes, this is the time for all changes to be made, so there might be up to 2 sets of changes made during this phase.

PHASE ONE CHANGES #2: Designer makes the changes.

PHASE ONE PRESENTATION #3: PROJECT AUTOMATICALLY GOES INTO NEXT PHASE. Extra fees will be charged for further exploration at this time, at a rate of $83 per hour.

PHASE TWO: Comprehensive Development

Phase two is the development of the comprehensive final project. Website Designer is finalizing the back-end and front-end coding to prepare for going live online. Client is responsible for spelling and grammar proofing, and making sure the overall site is as the Client wants it, during this phase.

Web Site Development:
✓ Site navigation creation
✓ Functionality development
✓ Functionality implementation
✓ Functionality testing
✓ Improvement changes
✓ Beta testing of the Home Page and Skeleton
✓ Implementation of the rest of the design elements
✓ Development all web pages
✓ Comprehensive web site development, back-end and front-end

Attributes Added:
✓ Final navigation will include one navigation style and will be consistent throughout the entire website
✓ All options will be clearly displayed and functional
✓ Best-selling products/services will be displayed on Home page and About page
✓ Your business highlights will be advertised on Home page and About page
✓ There will be a headers and footer on all web pages with content and photos by the end of this phase
✓ To upsell your products and services to web site visitors, suggestions may be offered

PHASE TWO PROOF PRESENTATION #1: Designer e-mails proof to Client for approval.

CLIENT CHANGES REQUEST #1: Client uses Changes Request Form or Approval Form and Designer gets e-mail from Client with clearly explained changes being requested.

PHASE TWO CHANGES #2: Designer makes the changes, if any. At this time, all spelling and grammar must be checked and perfected!

PROJECT AUTOMATICALLY GOES INTO NEXT PHASE. Changes in the scope of the website will cost extra at this time, at a rate of $83 per hour.
NOTE: All major layout design and development changes have been made. Every time things are moved, it also means re-coding more elements that have been combined into one unit. It will cost extra to make those changes after this point.

PHASE THREE: Live Beta Testing

This is the final development phase. Designer is solely concerned with beta testing the functionality of the website, privately online. The client is given 1 more courtesy proof before it goes live online. This is the Client beta testing phase for websites.

Beta Testing:
✓ Site is tested fully by the client, first on private server space, then live online everywhere ✓ All text, grammar, functionality, navigation and links, and every aspect of the entire site must be checked for accuracy and approved by client
✓ Site goes live online everywhere
✓ Final approval by client ends Website Design work

PHASE THREE PROOF PRESENTATION: Designer e-mails proof to Client for approval.

CLIENT CHANGES REQUEST: Client uses Changes Request Form or Approval Form and Designer gets e-mail from Client with clearly explained changes being requested.


Note: Client is responsible for all aspects of proofing, including grammar and spelling, all the functionality of the website, and all the content on the website.

(Unofficial) PHASE FOUR: Website Live Online (SEO below, IF added on)

This is when we need to ensure that every part of your website works 100% while it is live online, on your Hosting Server.
Search Engine Optimization:
✓ 404 and 503 pages, robots.txt, Site Map, and other back-end SEO necessary pages get added
✓ Search Engine Optimization gets built into the entire website
✓ Google Schema for search engine optimization is added

✓ Site submit to hundreds of search engines
✓ Set up on to rank immediately on Google and hundreds of other search engines

Finishing Touches:
✓ Your own domain name, SSL Certificate, and secure web site hosting are set up on your hosting server
✓ You have a completed mobile-friendly website
✓ It is time to begin advertising and marketing your new website!

Every website that creates has a link to the site from every page in the copyright section at the bottom of the pages. This is for marketing and to remedy any issues that website visitors may encounter. This link is not negotiable.

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