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Types of Web Pages

For every website we create, you start with a package. This ensures you get what you need and the skeleton of your website is cheaper than it would be by buying pages fully a la carte. You can add-on to your package with niche industry product and services pages and any other types of web pages you need. Most businesses have one web page for each best-selling or promoted product/service, and tertiary accessory text-only web pages like FAQS, Shipping, Policies, etc. Everything on this web page is optional because every business has different needs. This means they are not automatically hiking up the package price. You can have your website as large or as small as you need it, with these pages bulking up your base website. SEO Pro Tip: The larger your website, the higher you can rank on search engines because there is more for the robots and spiders to munch on!

The rest of the pages are niche web pages that are for your industry and business.

Primary Web Pages

Primary pages are web pages in your top or primary navigation. These are the most important web pages on your website. Examples of primary web pages are Home, About, the Products/Services main page, a Contact information page, etc.

Secondary Web Pages

Add-on Secondary Web Pages for your niches and web pages that are specific to your industry. Niche pages are web pages that have your schpiels, the things you repeat about your products and services. If these pages are in the top navigation, it is usually as a secondary dropdown option.

Tertiary/Accessory Text Web Pages

Add-on text-only informational web pages (such as policies, FAQS, shipping, refunds, subscriptions, etc.). These pages are either in the bottom navigation or just text links sprinkled into a web page.
Shopping Cart Web Pages


Photo Galleries

Clients usually want to be able to add photos to their websites, so it is easier to have albums on Facebook that show off projects. This way, clients can add photos any time in the future. The website can link to the Facebook albums for free.

Photo galleries are time consuming because each photo needs to be sized for the spot on the website for consistency and optimization, which assists load times. You want fast load times because people are impatient with a 3-second attention span and search engines rank partly based on this factor.

Fully customized, hard-coded websites like our landing page and the unique ones shown in the gallery are still available from ikan-ikon.

The price includes perfecting the photo with retouching, removing blemishes and things that don't look good, and resizing per location.

First, is the gallery going to be on a Primary or a Secondary Web Page?

Choose the type of website the gallery will be built into. This will be largely dependent upon the rest of your website and your budget.
• Custom galleries can be formatted in any style and positioning almost any way you like.
• You can add photos to a CMS gallery yourself or add more galleries easily.
• Facebook gallery, which can be set up as Albums for the categories.

Second, there are three types of photo galleries:

These are photos that sit on the page in their spot and are not clickable or moving.

These galleries have an arrow built into them that gets clicked when the person is ready to go to the next photo.

This type of multimedia gallery has a video effect that automatically goes through pictures without needing to click on them.

Third, how many photos do you want to put into the gallery? Select that number for your quantity.

This includes sizing the photos for the gallery, but it does not include editing the photos themselves. That will be a separate graphic design fee, if your photos need editing.
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