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This is a list of the clients who ordered website design, web site development, or website work from Many also ordered search engine optimization and benefitted from page 1 Google rankings and top rankings across hundreds of other search engines too.

In most cases, they are still benefitting from one or more high ranking website listings on Google and other search engines. In a couple cases, clients made changes to their website after our work was done that lost their SEO rankings. We teach clients how to fly and help them soar, when they want our help. ikan-ikon has been available within 2-24 hours for every request that has come in, with or without a long-term contract. (Website Design 2001, website maintenance 2001-present, forwarded to ikan-ikon 2012-2022)

AspirationsWS (Website Design 2001, 2008, 2020, website maintenance 2001--present, added SEO 2008)

Kristen Mae Lee (Website Design 2001-present, website maintenance 2001-present, added SEO 2008)

National Document Filing & Retrieval (multimedia Website Design 2001, changed design)

UA/SAIT (website maintenance 2003-2005, event pages, changed design)

Terri’s Design & Consign (website graphics 2008, website offline, she may have retired)

Earnhardt Auto Centers (website maintenance and event web pages 2006-2008)

Prostate Second Opinions (Website Design 2009, design)

Picture War, Picture Peace (Website Design 2009, website maintenance 2009-2017, offline)

Carol Gagliardo Accounting Services (Website Design 2010, website maintenance 2010-2017, changed business to Your Construction Office)

Sabby’s Auto (Website Design 2010, many page 1 and top organic rankings on Google, he does not want to update the design, website maintenance 2010-present)
Page one organic Google rankings - still

Rose City Taxi (SEO custom multimedia website design, online commercial 2011, many page one and top rankings organically for years, website maintenance 2011-present)

RS Adventures (website graphics and multimedia 2011, sold business) (Website Design 2011, many page one and top Google rankings 2008-present, website maintenance 2001-present)

Foxtail Salon (Website Design 2012, page 1 rankings, website maintenance 2012-2018, offline)

Broken Arrow (Website Design 2012, failure to launch)

CKS Electrical Construction (Website Design 2013, changed design)

Stylin2 Salon (Website Design 2013, website maintenance 2013-2020, page 1 rankings, offline - after canceled domain, look like it has been hacked)

Whitney & Johnny Zdancewicz (wedding website 2014, website maintenance 2014, offline)

Steven Everett (campaign website, Website Design 2014, website maintenance 2014, offline)

Michael Meadows (campaign website, Website Design 2014, website maintenance 2014, offline - someone else bought the canceled domain name)

Team Green CT (Website Design 2014, may owe hosting fees)

Haley D Racing (Website Design 2015, website maintenance 2015-17, not maintaining site)

Antique Plastering (Website Design 2015, many rankings and web directory rankings, not maintaining site)

Gilman Gear (custom home page, SEO, website maintenance 2015, expert witness during their deposition against web development contractor, 2017)

Delta Mechanical (custom Website Design 2015, SEO, website maintenance 2015-2017, sold his business for large profit 2 years later)

New Life Assembly (website updates, 2018)

6 Servpro® Franchises (SEO website maintenance 2016-2017, SEO blog article writing)

Green Construction and Restoration (Website Design 2016-2017, client changed site and lost top rankings)

TutorCT (Website Design 2017, website maintenance 2017-2018, not maintaining site)

Zip2it (Website Design 2018, , website maintenance 2018-2019, not maintaining site)

DesignBat (Website Design 2018, website maintenance 2017-2019, Client had another baby and closed business)

QMDI (Website Design 2018, Client failed to launch)

Baltic Pizza (Website Design 2019, website maintenance 2017-2022, Client closed due to Covid) and (Website Design 2022, many page one and top Google rankings 2008-present, website maintenance 2001-present)

Salon Sozo (Website Design 2023)

Please note when there is a lock symbol and the domain name has https:// instead of no lock and http://, the "s" means the website is secure and the sites without it are not secure. They do not have an SSL certificate protecting your data or their connections. All ikan-ikon sites require the SSL for your protection.
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