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Can I make changes to my own website?

Hard-coded websites need an experienced coder who is familiar with the specific code language(s) the website was created with and the creator's style of hard-coding, or the website can quickly get destroyed. In such cases, there is a debugging fee and sometimes a website may have to be recreated because something as seemingly simple as a symbol where it shouldn't be or a dot missing from where it should be can make web page(s) appear wonky or not appear at all, or show letters, numbers, or symbols on a web page. Images and text can disappear. The functionality of various features can be broken. There are a wide variety of issues that can occur and it is difficult to retrace the steps of what could have been done in order to fix it. Every line of code has to be proofed and everything that broke needs to be fixed and beta tested online until the website works properly again. This costs in the high hundreds of dollars to fix.

If you order a CMS website and also have the dashboard knowledge to make changes and additions to your own website, or if you pay us for CMS training, yes, you can make changes to your own website. The cost for training is in the a la carte pricing section. Some people still don't feel comfortable making changes to CMS websites, so we are available to make changes to CMS websites as well.

How can I change something in my order?

If you need to change something in your order, please contact us immediately because we process orders within 30 minutes. Changes to the scope of a web site development project change the price, so it is best to make changes before the work has begun, so you save money.


We accept most major credit and debit cards, Square, PayPal, money orders, Western Union, and Money Gram via Walmart, for your convenience. You can click on any link to pay or contact us for one of the other options.
Delivery times will depend on your purchase. Generally, ikan-ikon websites can be delivered live online within 30 days, providing the client approves each phase in a timely manner and the beta testing is finished on time. It generally takes 1-2 weeks to create a website, 1 week for beta testing online behind-the-scenes, then 1 week for online beta testing and SEO set up, if you order the SEO add-ons.
No. Our websites are all-inclusive with the prices you see as the prices you will pay.
Yes. You can add on things from the A La Carte Price List below, if you want, which are optional, but very helpful in improving the results you can achieve with your website.
Yes. There are fees to have a website live online that wil need to be paid yearly to your web hosting server. See the answer about web site fees lower down on this page.

Are there any other fees associated with having a website after I pay for web site design and development?

Ongoing fees for maintaining a website after it is created are:

• Domain Name (web address),
1. Domain name searches and set up (A Domain Name is the online address that gets people to your site, such as The business owner purchases their own Domain Name. These generally cost around $13 a year.)

• Website Hosting (utilities for people to visit website), and

2. Fully functional website online on your own server (hosting is not included because you should have control of our own domain and hosting account. Website hosting is like having the utilities on so you can have visitors. It is what powers your website and allows the Domain Name to show a website, so people can click around your online business like walking around a store. Go Daddy is a good place to buy your Domain Name and Hosting. Most small businesses only need the budget hosting package. Hosting generally costs around $1-25 a month.)

• SSL Certificate (website security that Google requires for search engine ranking and it keeps hackers at bay, so your website information has some protections).
3. SSL Certificate protects the data on that transmits between the people on the website and the website itself. We can set everything up for you having limited web site developer access to your account. In addition to an SSL, we also recommend purchasing your hosting server's version of a Firewall/Domain Guard. ($20-$200 a year.)
Note: You MUST purchase your SSL Certificate through your hosting server to work with ikan-ikon because we do not approve of free random SSL Certificates since the SSL is the security for your website. Some random stranger in his garage coding a free SSL for a college project doesn't care about your business. Just because you can get things for free does not mean it is a good idea.

• Domain Guard or other Firewall security for the DNS is optional (this protects the site and server on a deeper level than SSL).
4. Firewall/Domain Guard adds extra security that protects your DNS. This is the connection between the website and the hosting server. Hackers, phishers, and spammers are shockingly proficient at hacking into and stealing domains and websites, and these protections make it a lot harder for bad people to gain access to things they should never be into. You do not want to lose your website forever to some hacker in a foreign country who makes your brand into a porn site. This type of theft happens more often than you can even imagine these days. The industry has created these protections so we can take steps to protect your website from the hackers and phishers. ($20-$200 a year.)
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