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This web page provides a comprehensive proposal from for the design and development of a website and other marketing, design, and advertising services.

The intent of this proposal is to outline a general project scope, detail the project processes and estimate time and costs for to manage the project, including completing the design, development, and marketing aspects for this project.

This proposal is also intended to provide an understanding of’s competencies and capabilities. appreciates this opportunity to earn your business and provide our services to you!

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PROPOSAL / CONTRACT WITH TERMS AND PROCESSES Specifications for Design & Development Services


NOTE: The total minimum number of web pages for a Search Engine Optimized website is always recommended to be at least 5 pages so that the robots and spiders can see that your website visitors appreciate a variety of pages on your site for a good amount of time getting the things that they are seeking from your web pages, which improves your search engine ranking because that is one of the things those robots and spiders constantly do ’ and the more pages you have, the better, higher, and faster you can rank, because each of the pages get set up with the crucial keys that the most current Google Algorithms are looking for, which is our specialty.

Our Websites Include:

Modern customers immediately turn to search engines to help inform their purchase decisions. When they look for products or solutions, will they find you or your competitors?

Our services are tailored to do more than just get you noticed. We want those potential customers to take action, turning them into viable leads, making purchases, and becoming brand advocates.

Here is a list of our one-stop solutions to all of your website design and web marketing needs:
» Custom and unique web pages and graphic design,
» Custom graphics with unlimited photos per page,
» Favicon design,
» Custom navigation and unlimited links per site,
» Customized navigation that works throughout the website,
» Basic website programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP (as needed) (you can also add-on custom features),
» Unlimited content on your pages and unlimited text content (it is recommended that each page have an easily readable amount of data to optimize customer retention and SEO rankings),
» Search Engine Optimization meta tags, descriptions, keywords, and marketing-rich web page development,
» Extensive work to get your website noticed by search engines,
» Meta Tags development included,
» Complex Web Page Development on the front-end for excellent user interface, focused on improving search engine ranking,
» Customized header(s) on the primary pages that may link to the Home page,
» Beautiful design elements that make an aesthetically pleasing website,
» Customized content on the pages that incorporates search engine optimization and keywords into the design, specially developed to be relevant to your target market,
» Customized footer that is used on all pages and includes a copyright and a link to your home page from every page in your website,
» Links to and from all pages,
» Site navigation and design planning,
» Page shell development planning,
» Implementation of the vision,
» Functionality development,
» Functionality implementation,
» Functionality testing,
» Improvement changes,
» Beta testing,
» Increase flexibility and ease development,
» Conceptually envision design of new website,
» Develop a detailed plan for all desired features,
» Thorough web site development with a focus on marketing,
» Navigation & attributes,
» All options clearly displayed and functional, if provided online,
» Best selling products/services displayed on Home page,
» Your business highlights advertised in header of site,
» Headers and footers to display on all pages,
» Suggestions for related items that go together, upsell to your products and services, as needed,
» SEO best practices,
» Crawlable pages,
» Quick load time,
» Auto-Generated title tags and friendly URLs,
» H1 & H2 Tags,
» Meta Descriptions and meta keyword import,
» Sitemap,
» Error pages,
» Robots.txt,
» Title Tags,
» Front-end and Back-end Meta Keywords,
» Meta Description,
» Alt Tags development,
» Custom URL,
» 301 Redirect Tool,
» No Follow/No Index Settings as needed,
» Website beta testing and production work to make the website live online,
» Site Submit is an absolutely crucial requirement to get your website noticed by over 200 search engines. You need this,
» Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop compatibility, on most devices,
» Your domain name and e-mails can be included,
» You get a fully functional site online on your server or ours (website hosting is required, it is like having the utilities on at your house, the domain name is only an address, the hosting is what makes the site livable so people can come visit you!),
» Lifetime tech support (with our maintenance package),
» Dedicated helpful staff available to help you as needed (during the contract term and beyond, and included with our web maintenance package),
» eMarketing research is also available for optimal keywords and marketing strategies that work for your industry to outshine your competition.

UI Website Development -

Back-end and Front-end Website Development:

We call this the skeleton because it is the frame of your website behind the scenes that holds everything all together and makes the website function. It is HTML, PHP, CSS, and Java Script coding and there are many files and set formats that must be created and followed in order to make a website function properly. We start with the code for a basic design template that is developed to work off of by adding the custom code, meta tags development, and general language of your custom website project, then we move on to the front-end to show you a layout that we can alter for you not affecting the back-end code.

Once front-end graphic compositions are approved by the client, then we move the project through the next steps of HTML coding to produce the individual customized web pages. This phase revolves around design with coding from the web page skeleton and graphics plus their framework (including navigation menus) to ensure optimal efficiency and load time.

The skeleton fee also includes the time needed for beta testing the website and to upload the website to a domain name with hosting. In case you don’t know how this works, a domain name is like a house address and the web hosting is like having the utilities on in order to have people visit your house to see what is inside. Hosting is the most expensive part of buying a website and ikan-ikon can save you money because we have many clients that we share hosting with, to save on expenses. This also helps clients who are not web savvy to be able to focus on their business while letting take care of our specialties. Alternatively, clients can have the option of buying independent website hosting on their own server. can work on your own server or ours.

Website Design and Web Development Styles:

Our websites are styled to bring a more synergistic natural feel to your online presence with design that blends well with how you present your business to people in person. We use the psychology of selling and time-proven marketing techniques to raise you above your competition. We provide an online style that is unique for you.

Customized Website Navigation:

The website navigation is usually planned before design and development starts, except with custom website design. The base navigation is usually determined prior to contract signing. More nav links will be added if more pages are added other than the primary pages, and this will be at the client’s discretion, with additional fees added, if needed. Unless necessary, navigation will include one navbar or navigation style per design and will be consistent throughout the entire website.

Custom Concept Development will begin with the creation of a Home page concept based on feedback gathered from the client. There can be up to 3 sets of edits so the design accurately reflects the vision desired by the client. After approval of the skeleton homepage design, will create the interior page design compositions beginning with the About page for review and approval. Once th is process is done with these two pages, then the rest of the pages will follow these designs. (Additional sets of changes beyond the 3 sets that are included in the package cost extra.)

Custom Graphic Design

Gorgeous graphic design is another aspect that is crucial to the image that you portray to your website visitors. If your website is boring, unprofessional, looks like a template, has misspellings and/or misinformation, content that is difficult to see, missing links, no way to reach out to you that is quick and effective, and/or is frustrating for your visitors to get what they came for quickly and easily without much effort on their part, then your website has the opposite effect and drives people away instead of connecting you.

All-Inclusive Websites That MAKE You Money

We do it all for you! We have a very strong history of driving online traffic, boosting rankings, and increasing leads and sales, for large, medium, and small, local and national businesses. We always take an individualized approach to your situation because one size simply does not fit all in web marketing. We will work determinedly to develop the customized strategies that lead to real online successes for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet/Web/Digital/Viral Marketing, and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are all crucial for your business in this technological era. We know how important professional website design is to the overall success of businesses.

By far, the number one mistake most business owners make is to separate web design, web marketing, and SEO optimization. All of these elements must work hand-in-hand to deliver the best results, to make your website work for you, gaining you a return on your investment for buying a website in the first place.

To get your most wanted response, we tell your story and help save you time with powerful content copywriting, web marketing, and ISO 9001 efficiency custom created for you from analytical marketplace research.

Websites For All Screen Sizes

We will develop a mobile-friendly website, enabling users to access your site from any types of devices and on browsers conveniently viewing content displayed properly within any size screen, with automatically resizing web pages designed with special coding.

Generally, our websites are designed to function on a variety of device sizes, but the mobile website may be an entirely additional website that is a condensed version of the desktop site, as visitors on mobile devices are even more concerned with accessing information as quickly as possible in comparison to desktop users, if your website is complex. Also, the size of the screen and time it takes users to conduct certain actions on a mobile version dictate that mobile sites should contain easy access to the most important and essential elements. You can also order a completely unique custom sized version of your website.

Site Submit Package

We submit our clients’ websites to hundreds of search engines for instant rankings on each search engine). This is the quickest and easiest way to skyrocket your website to the top of searches fast and keep the robots and spiders coming back regularly to keep your website ranked highest on Google and hundreds of other search engines.

Website Maintenance Package

This package includes your domain name research and ownership, web site hosting, set up and maintenance of website to keep up with current technology, managing the backend responsibilities for the hosting server)

Analytics Reports and Insights Reports provides FREE Analytics Reports with details about visitors to each of our uses, every week, via email. These reports have details that show the location city, state, and country, their type of computer, browser, of website visitors, numbers of visits on specific days, etc. Similar reports are available through other resources for a fee. We also offer Analytics Insights Reports for our Social Media Marketing clients too. This data is crucial to understanding and marketing well to your target market by their own real life demographics and behaviors.


The names of the pages below are based upon providing a general outline. We will work with you to develop a firmer outline as the project moves through the early stages of development.

Skeleton Setup (Backend Code):
All websites start with and promote the heaviest and most effective search engine optimization (SEO), and this all begins with custom coding the backend of a website with what we call the skeleton of a website. This is not so much the design or style as it is the functionality for boosting your website’s ranking across the web and making the website come to life and work as it should. Skeleton Build for Website Development includes coding, functionality, entire foundation of website backend, SEO code, keywords, metatags development, other required backend pages including 404 and site map.) This also includes the domain name, hosting, beta testing, and set up.

Coming Soon Intro Welcome Page:
This is an Intro Welcome Page, which is a simple page with your logo + ’Site Coming Soon.’ This is put up immediately upon ordering your domain name, while your website is being created, as a teaser marketing page.

Home (Primary Page):
The home page defines the visitor’s first impression with an online presence on the front end of the website people see. It is important to make this page attractive and informational, encouraging user-interaction, and it is also equally important to make it keyword-rich providing the search engines with all they want to rank your site very high on Google and other search engines. Overall, the homepage acts as a portal to the entire site and will include a comprehensive navigation system that allows users to go to any section of the live website using the fewest number of clicks, with intuitive navigation. Sub-menus may be created to accomplish this goal. SEO keywords are incorporated on the back-end and front-end, which we can get from our add-on marketing research, to ensure that your home page can get listed on the search engines. The backend of the website has hundreds of other elements that promote good SEO results as well!

Custom Home Page:
(including features and navigation) {the Home Page design and layout establishes the style of the site] This is the style core creation from the skeleton build that actually shows you a website. (Primary design for the pages within the website will follow what we call a ’skeleton Home Page template.’)

Primary Pages:
(Most common are: About, Products/Services, Gallery pages ’ these are the pages that are linked from the main navigation on the Home Page)
[also used to create Sub Pages]
(+skeleton coding above gets customized for each individual page to rank higher and work for you online boosting your web presence on search engines all the time.)

The About Page will provide a brief history of your business. It can have staff bios as well. This site also links to every page in the website.

Products/Services Page(s) provide a list of the products and services you provide with a summary of what you do that is general encapsulating all products and services, and this page often has links to the Niche Pages to provide more details.

Gallery Page(s) show website visitors your level of experience, professionalism, build your reputation and establish value through trust that you know what you are doing and can prove it with photos of your past and present projects.

Niche Pages (Secondary template-based pages):
Niche Template pages are cheaper than Primary Pages and are made from the Primary Pages to match the website style and navigation, and they add some more character to keep the site interesting to look through with synergy. Each of your most popular products and services should get their own web page with highlights and details, photos, and other add-on options, because the website is used to sell your products and services for you, saving valuable time. You definitely want your most important products and services to each have their own page even if you are not offering buying options online, rather than re-explaining and showing everything to every potential customer individually anymore! Niche Sub Page are based on the About page design with more customized skeleton coding for SEO skeleton code to maximize the search engine optimization.

Online Contact Us Package:
Online marketing is totally ineffectual without allowing your website visitors to communicate with you, providing you with that lead, and answering their important questions, so they can get what they need from you.
1 Contact Information Page
+ 1 Basic Online Form page emails you right from your website, and
+ Click-To-Call Buttons on every page throughout the entire site call you from your website with a simple click.
The click to contact options increase calls and email leads because people never have to remember your email or phone number, or leave your website to hopefully contact you. It all just happens easily with the click of a button on your site!
Add-on Comprehensive Form Pages for making online reservations, event registrations, industry specific forms, etc.

Web Page Add-On Features:

Add-on Features such as a scheduling calendar, website search functionality, account login (intranet and extranet sites are private sites that require login to work with subcontractors, vendors, customers), newsletter signup, etc. can be added on too.

Multimedia Banners with 5 photos + add-on images:
The homepage can feature a banner graphic that is like an billboard on your website immediately conveys the nature of the website to your visitors with banner-style rotating images. These pics can be changed out as necessary to keep the site fresh and up-to-date. Please note that we do not recommend Flash animations as they are not compatible with all devices and Apple has stated that they will not make them compatible for iPhones, the most popular cell phone. We prefer a primary anchor image that is always visible no matter what device is used to visit your website.

Multimedia features like movies, audio files, calendars, site search, and blogs make your website more appealing to the masses and keep them coming back for more. People WANT to connect with you. This is why YouTube became one of the most popular websites in the world incredibly fast, because people love movies and it is such a quick and endearing way to express information that develops trust from your audience. People also love blogs because they enjoy getting to know you, and that is WHY people use the Internet instead of calling. It is a non-invasive, fearless approach to finding out stuff they want to know. We highly recommend adding movies and blog pages to your website and getting plugged into the main Social Media sites.

eCommerce Online Shopping Cart:

Your site can make money back for you while you are asleep! Shopping carts facilitate purchasing and allow credit card processing. You can sell things that relate to what you sell in person, such as industry specific products that you prefer to use for your customers, machines, services, etc. We use PayPal carts because they do not require a merchant account or any monthly fees! There is only a 3.9% fee per transaction that we build into the price that your customers pay for your shopping cart items, so that it is free for you to accept credit cards! This type of shopping cart gets customized for your website and each item gets its own drop down menu button, with a description and up to 3 photo(s). Client must provide descriptions in computer files or via email or pay the copywriting a la carte fee. Online Shopping Cart pages also include the skeleton framework setup of the 3 category pages and you can add on more cart pages with 50 buttons on their own category page too. Ongoing updates to sold items and new items for sale is also available, for an additional fee. You can set up a budget payment plan paying a monthly fee for ongoing cart changes.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Elements:
1) Main Cart Page like store window display for one fee per eStore,
2) Main Category Page like aisles in a store for one fee per category,
3) Individual Niche Product/Service Pages that highlight the details of that one item for sale for one fee .per niche


Optimal organic search exposure is important to the success of a website. Indeed, search engine exposure will ensure web traffic and online conversions. There are many factors at play when devising a successful SEO strategy, including building quality, fresh content, referral link building, social sharing, and many others. To help you achieve your SEO goals, provides the following search engine optimization tools and services...

(See this section below for more details)

Marketing Research + Web Marketing Plan Development:

Our intensive marketing research package provides you with real data including keywords and target market marketing development data from Google that shows your industry’s very specific real life marketing data, then also develops customized marketing plans after studying your target markets’ demographics and interests, creating marketing descriptions to be used across all marketing ventures, ensuring successes in online marketing, print marketing, advertising, promotions, spiels, signs, etc. You need this too.

Ongoing Omni-Channel Marketing Package:

Every package is completely custom for each client based on budget and size of business, client’s own time investment or full service provided)

SEO Super Boosts (needed ASAP website is online):

Web Digital Viral Marketing (Directory Listings+) [see package options below.]
This is heavy-duty web marketing all over the Internet with standard web marketing features that are needed from day one.

Ongoing web marketing across multiple directories that is customized for your industry. Includes monthly reports.

Web Directory Listings Plus:

This is heavy duty marketing done manually on hundreds of sites every year to get you referral links with SEO-driven marketing descriptions and profiles all over the internet.

Our Web Directory Listings service includes comprehensive profile development with referral links on every per directory ordered.

Super Hyper Targeting SEO:

This service can guarantee your website becoming #1 on Page 1 of Google. The more pages like these that you can afford to have, the higher your ranking on search engines and the longer you can maintain a solid page 1 ranking on hundreds of search engines bringing in a massive amount of traffic to your website. The more traffic you get, the more sales you can make!

We offer 2 different types of SEO Hyper Targeting -

1) Super SEO Hyper Targeting (State); State SuperSEO Hypertargeting is a custom proprietary SEO marketing package that we offer through which every town within any state has its own web page plus pushes 10 keywords on every town page to build up your organic marketing SEO web presence - FOREVER!

2) SEO Hyper Targeting A La Carte Web Pages; (Multiply this price x number of towns x number of services x keywords that you want to focus on to get the most of this service.

Customer Web Reviews:

People who are interested in buying online order from the businesses they believe they can trust and they evaluate that decision based off web reviews from previous customers telling their experiences working with you. Studies have shown that customers want to see that there are least 10 web reviews and pick and choose between 2-4 of 10 to read both the good and bad reviews, to get their overall impression of your company. The more positive reviews you have, the more that person will trust you are a great choice for them. This service initiates the processes with your customers to build up a good online reputation and build trust for potential customers by building up online testimonials and reviews from real customers. Truthfully, it can be like pulling teeth with a string to get people to follow through with posting a review online, so this is a process. That is why we offer to do it for clients, so that your time is spent on your specialties. This also boosts your ranking on search engines bringing in more business by establishing your trustworthiness and value in your future customer’s minds without.


Blogs help get more attention to your website and social media pages. They also build up trust with potential and current customers because it allows you to become a resource for them on the topics of your expertise.

People need information to make good decisions in the professional and personal lives and you are an expert in your industry that can help people. We help you create that niche and nurture it so that you gain attention from your target markets.

ikan-ikon offers copywriting services because we have a published Author who loves to write on staff and is excellent at doing extensive research learning to become knowledgeable on any topic. With your guidance and approvals before anything gets posted for your business, we can build up followers for you and increase your online presence and reputation to help you build a more successful business.

Blog Page Setup + per article includes all the research and ikan-ikon writing custom SEO-rich articles for your business.

We offer several choices for blogs with different pricing for each: 1) A blog on your own website that has comments capability,
2) A blog on an external blog site that links to your website,
3) Social media used as a blog that links back and forth to your website.

All blog marketing that we do posts your custom SEO blog articles to every platform you choose to use for maximum marketing effectiveness.

We also use a very elaborate proprietary marketing system that we customize for each business we do social media marketing for. This means that the content for the articles is always fresh, relevant, and interesting.

SEO Blog + 3 Starter SEO Articles Design and Development (includes blog coding, functionality, research, SEO, and copywriting for each different custom article)


1) Profile Setup -

Social Media Profile Page Design, Development & Marketing

In addition to the design of your website, can also create and develop marketing-heavy Social Media Profile Pages that highlight your brand across other very popular platforms. See examples on our website. Social media sites are ideal venues for your most important marketing messages because social media naturally builds trust and rapport with your customers while they are relaxed. We should be expanding your web presence on these websites to parlay off their marketing and advertising successes and create even more success for you. can also develop ongoing marketing posts for Facebook and Twitter pages, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Google+, etc. This marketing can be utilized to promote new products, specials, and providing information enticing visitors to view your website. The marketing possibilities are endless! We can develop blog articles and many incredibly effective marketing methods customized for our clients, frequently, or occasionally, depending on your budget. We use a scientific approach of proven marketing post styles to engage different target markets on many levels, cohesively.†

2) Ongoing Social Media Marketing -

Posts include a variety of 80/20† posts including: blogs, links to articles, jokes, news, videos, tips & advice, inspirations, testimonials, products and services photos with marketing, branding, and industry posts, across Facebook and Twitter pages, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Google+, etc. All social media marketing packages include monthly reports.

Social Media Marketing Setup (includes in depth work on that SMM profile for maximum marketing effectiveness with about description, graphic design, links, and 1 starter post)

Ongoing Social Media Marketing posts launch off the SMM Marketing Plan and the fees are charged per post per site so that clients can create their own custom package within their own budget, spending as little or as much on getting the most marketing they can.

Our Social Media Marketing is priced per post per social media site.
†Note: 80/20 is the ratio for posting things your target markets are interested in versus marketing the business.


1) YouTube Channel Setup -

You will be able to add to, edit, or delete your YouTube channel at any time, however, we recommend keeping your YouTube channel forever and adding to it at least once per month with new videos, which we can upload, add the SEO, and embed to your website to, for you. We produce commercial style videos to maximize the marketing of your brand, business, website, products and services across multiple platforms, including your website, social media, and YouTube. This cost is to set up a YouTube Channel with the marketing and design. See the fees below. YouTube Video Marketing Setup includes SEO marketing profile development and graphic design.

2) Online Commercial Video Development -

We create custom online commercials that are videos developed with marketing expertise, to promote your business online. We have special packages for this service that include everything you need.

3) YouTube Video Upload -

Our video uploading service includes video upload, SEO marketing development, descriptions, meta tags building, platform embeds. We charge one low rate per video for everything included.

We can also set up the 1st video on a web page + for the coding setup for additional videos on that page. If client provides upload ready video(s), then the video development fee. Videos show customers your services while building up your perceived value showing off your expertise and skills that are marketed in the videos. can implement video element(s) to get higher SEO ranking and to make more sales off your web presence. Videos are an ideal means for providing information on various topics quickly in an interesting, organized, and structured way to maximize your users’ website experience. does not limit videos to one page or limit the number of embed videos on websites. You simply pay for whatever you want. It is highly recommended that you have at least 2 videos on your website to engage visitors.

Each image and video gets coded to allow SEO to ’see’ with title, caption, and keyword-rich description that will promote your SEO, with a thumbnail photo, indexed term, length and category. This also aids users in finding the right video for their needs. Your Web Developer will upload encoded files to the servers for you. If you need video editing, ikan-ikon can manage that for you too.

Note: You get twice the SEO benefits with keywords and descriptions too.

A La Carte Website Development Info

  • Meetings - We offer meetings two ways, in person ~or~ online. Meetings are for 1-hour. The first hour is free and then our time costs money. Please see the pricing page for current prices.
  • Marketing Research + Keyword and Marketing Development - This is a very deep process of doing a lot of different types of investigation work, including with Google Tools to do real life marketing data research to understand your Target Market and their demographics. Once we create the inital results report, we use that to create your descriptions for the About Us sections and other marketing in your online and print marketing. The data is also used to create your custom Omni-Channel Marketing Plan and the detailed micro-specific Monthly Marketing Plan for each individual platform.
  • Current Assessment Report (print ~or~ online) - This is us checking you out from a business, marketing, ISO 9001 basis and providing a detailed assessment of what is good and what needs improvement in what you are already doing right now. This can greatly aid you in getting better results faster.
  • 1-Year Omni-Channel Marketing Plan Overview (detailed goals) - This is a broad strokes marketing plan across every channel that is recommended for your business, industry, and within your budget.
  • Comprehensive Detailed 1-Month Omni-Channel Marketing Plan - This is a detailed marketing plan custom-developed for your business tat gives more detail for one month of tasks broken down by marketing channel (ie: Facebook, brochures, EDDM direct mailers, etc, with each getting its own detailed plan.
  • Skeleton Core Package (includes web site coding and meta tags development, layout and design, functionality, backend pages such as site map and 404, etc) - This is a core charge that every website project we work on is charged before the project can begin. It is the foundation code of building a website, on the back-end, to make the parts of a website that people can see on the front-end of the Internet. This is a massive undertaking and it includes a lot of free web pages and tasks behind-the-scenes that make a website function well on search engines and on the internet. It goes hand-in-hand with the Home Page and/or a Contact Us Package, regardless of the size of a website because it is 100% necessary.
  • Custom Home Page Design and Development Package - The Home Page is the most important page of a website because it is the face and sets the tone for the user’s experience in getting to know your business! We offer custom home pages that are somewhat unique to the other pages of your website so that it is a hub for your web site visitors, establishes the navigation for them to get acclimated to how to use your website, and it attracts robots and spiders from hundreds of search engines so that your website is always working for you 24/7. This page has a lot of work to accomplish in 7 seconds of the user’s attention span! We develop the Skeleton and Home Page together to give our clients a partnership role in the development of the website, able to make requests and suggestions so that we get your overall style, color scheme, what you want on your site, and the whole project mapped out from the Home Page development project. After the Home Page is approved, then we begin the other pages of the website that conform to the Home Page. Also, the Home Page has EVERYTHING on it whereas some of your other web pages and sections of your website may only provide what those sections need.
  • Primary Web Page Design and Development - These are the primary pages of every website: About, Products, Services, Gallery and they require comprehensive development and a lot of time to custom build each page. This is the next step after the Home Page and these pages may be the hubs of the sub pages below. For example: The About Page may have one or more Bio pages from a Team header section on the primary About Page, or a History Timeline like ikan-ikon has. The Products/Services Page links out to many individual pages that we call Niche Pages, which highlight details of your big ticket items. The Gallery Page may be the hub of a variety of different photo gallery pages that you use to show off your niche experience and build trust, which increases sales.
  • Sub Pages Design and Development - Sub Pages are the Niches you have that make your business unique and special and other pages of your website that are important to the success of your business.
  • Accessory Web Pages Design and Development - Examples of Accessory Pages are FAQs, Shipping information, Returns, Privacy Policy, etc. These pages are not time-intensive on our end to develop because they are mostly just providing information that you give out to people without much frills. We take information you provide and we create the custom code to make it into a website that matches the other pages of your website.
  • Contact Us Package Design and Development - (includes contact information page with online form and call links on every page) - This is the most important page of every website!!! The Contact Us Package includes everything you need to collect leads off your website. We ALWAYS include EVERYTHING clients need in ALL of our products and services because we know what is necessary and we only charge one low rate to get our clients everything they need, all-inclusive, stress-free, and affordably. This is a perfect example of that in action. This page can have an interactive map, social media links, and it has everything you need to get direct contact immediately with as many people as possible that visit your website. Click-To-Call clinks mean that person can literally just click on a link to call you directly from your website. We code this properly unlike many website coders who do not! Site visitors can also email you directly from your website without them ever having to write down or remember your email address and go log into their own email account elsewhere hoping not to lose them on their way out the web door! By offering them the ability to quickly and easily contact you directly from your website, you maintain the highest possible lead to sales ratios. This means the money you invest into owning a website is working FOR you 24 hours every day 7 days a week 365 a year!


Statement of Understanding:

This project will incorporate work done for the design and development as well as marketing of a website. The website gets built with synergy with existing branding through colors, logos, fonts, images and criteria that pertain to the philosophies, image and the current marketing principles of the individual client.

The goal of the website project will be to strategically position web content in a user-friendly and graphically pleasing manner. All inner page graphics and fonts will be consistent with graphical headers.

Website functionality will be a major area of focus for the site design, which will include the centralizing and organizing of content and ensuring content is displayed in a consistent manner throughout the entire site. The site will be accessed with appropriate navigation, and user-friendly tools that will allow a user to find information quickly, as well as get to and from any location in the site easily. Website speed in regards to loading pages, data and images will be another area of concentration for the website development.

The focus of the website design and development will be to create a uniquely customized website with a modern design that enhances the client’s market positioning.

• Build awareness and brand integrity with key audiences
• Build consumer loyalty and enhance customer relationships
• Achieve high customer satisfaction with the marketing and design
• Deliver consistent branding that integrates and supports other marketing efforts
• Facilitate and strengthen relationships with customers and strategic business partners
• Improve business efficiency
• Present comprehensive information and resources in an easy to use format



The creative strategy for all of our projects plays a key role in the development process. The design and architecture of each project facilitates a user-friendly experience. will consult the branding of collateral materials that the client already uses to ensure synergy in all marketing endeavors. All of our design work is totally customized for each individual client. We always work to develop an attractive graphics layout while taking into consideration such elements as logo, images, color palette, and other related design flourishes.


Although the development process varies from project to project depending on variables (submission of content, approvals, answers to questions, etc), the deliverables’ timeline displays the estimated timeframe for each phase of the website development process. Also, please note that the estimated timeframes assume a timely response from the client during all key milestones, including kick-off planning, project planning and development, graphic design, user interface design, testing, and beta changes.

NOTE: This timeline reflects average timelines and this is to be used as a basic guide to show the processes, not to declare specific deadline dates.

Retainer Down Payment is made and contract is signed (there is 1 contract for lifetime of Client/Designer relationship)

NOTES: Client (everyone on your end who is involved with the particular project) decides what Client wants as a cohesive TEAM OF 1st party (you all together as 1 client) provide Designer, the other party (ikanikon=Designer).

Client gives Designer a project order form that is a (text, layout, images, and design) handwritten or computer created proof, of EXACTLY what Client wants in its entirety with decided wording and general layout and format suggestions and requests, in 1 e-mailed Order Form. Client provides unanimous approval from all client project team members with only one Point of Contact BEFORE the POC ever e-mail Designer approvals. No exceptions. Additional changes that are not included in the project timeline and pricing will be charged per hour at the a la carte rate.

PHASE ONE BEGINS: Concept Development

Designer makes a computer rendered proof from Order Form (exactly as ordered).

PHASE ONE PROOF PRESENTATION #1: Designer e-mails proof to Client for approval.

PHASE 1 CLIENT CHANGES #1 OR APPROVAL: Client uses Changes Request Form or Approval Form and Designer gets e-mail from Client with clearly explained changes being requested.


NOTES: Client side talks amongst themselves, resolving any issues to be 1 cohesive joint team making an executive decision, and 1 contact person e-mails Designer the ENTIRE SET OF CHANGES being requested that the TEAM needs to make 1 time, in 1 email, with 1 set of changes (not a bunch of e-mails, 1 e-mail with 1 set of changes), very clearly explained (please use Changes Request Form). Right now is total freedom time to make any and all changes because the no layers have been flattened to make any changes yet, so anything can be done right now.


PHASE ONE CHANGES REQUEST FORM #2 OR APPROVAL: If Client wanted more changes, this is the time for all changes to be made, so there might be up to 2 sets of changes made during this phase.

PHASE ONE CHANGES #2: Designer makes the changes.

PHASE ONE PRESENTATION #3 ’ PROJECT AUTOMATICALLY GOES INTO PHASE TWO if there were 2 sets of changes made in Phase One, with or without Client agreement. Extra fees will be charged for further exploration at this time. The rate is $50 per hour depending on whether or not the project is template-based or custom-designed.


PHASE TWO BEGINS: Designer starting comprehensive

PHASE TWO PROOF PRESENTATION #2: Designer e-mails proof to Client for approval.

CLIENT CHANGES REQUEST #2: Client uses Changes Request Form or Approval Form and Designer gets e-mail from Client with clearly explained changes being requested.

PHASE TWO CHANGES #2: Designer makes the changes, if any. At this time, all spelling and grammar must be checked and perfected!

NOTES: This is the LAST time major layout and design and wording changes can be made because every time things are moved it also means that layers have to be cod of things that go together, and every time more changes are made, more layers have been combined or flattened into one unit, so less things can be moved apart from each other, and it is going to cost extra to make those changes.

If there are any more changes, this is the LAST TIME they can get made because the proofing phase is totally DONE at the END OF PHASE ONE and we are already in Phase Two, Comprehensive Development.

Phase two is the development of the comprehensive final project Designer is mostly concerned with preparing for PRINTING. This means the Designer is ONLY concerned with printer related concerns, NOT spelling, grammar, design or layout, which are Client responsibilities. Client is responsible for spelling and grammar proofing during Phase Two.


PHASE THREE BEGINS: Print/Web Production Preparation

This is the final development phase. Designer is solely concerned with preparing the project for perfect printing and going online live. The client is given 1 more courtesy proof before it goes into final production. This is also the beta testing phase for websites.



We consider the outsourced services including Printing Project Management and the live website online final efforts that manages to be an unofficial Phase Four. This is when we need to ensure that your project gets to work efficiently.

Every website that creates has a link to the site from every page in the copyright section at the bottom of the pages. This is for our marketing purposes and also to remedy any issues that website visitors may encounter. This is not negotiable. By ordering from ikan-ikon, Client agrees to all the terms and all the details in the proposal. (See terms.)

WE GIVE 10% FOR EVERY REFERRAL!!!!! Every time you refer someone to us and they sign with us, you get 10% (depending on the type of service) of the contract just for giving them our contact information! Check(s) are mailed with each payment after the funds are processed, as that new client pays.


It is’s standard policy to explain the contract terms and all of the specifications of each project with every client. We understand that time if of the essence and some client’s just want to jump into Phase One without being concerned with all of the details, but it is crucially important to stay on the best of terms with full cooperation from both parties, so please take five minutes to read all of the contract terms and ask questions now, then initial below to surely know the most important terms.

By working with ikan-ikon, you agree to all of these non-negotiable terms. Please familiarize yourself with our processes. Thank you.

PAYMENTS: This contract may be for one or more services that provides, and this contract lasts for the life of the business relationship between both parties, for multiple projects. Client will be given one copy of the finished project. Projects include one design direction. Changes in scope of work will require extra charges. All invoices are payable immediately upon receipt. Default in payment shall cause work to stop. Violation of payments may result in delays and/or cancellation of the project. 10% of the entire amount due will be added to any full or partially late payment, increasing monthly with the new net plus 10%. Fees are not negotiable. Client’s approval shall be obtained for estimates exceeded by 10%.

LEGAL FEES: has the right to recover all charges, expenses, and fees from Client for all of that Client’s projects. Client shall pay all expenses incurred during this contract, including Attorney and court fees, if that becomes a necessary action.

CANCELLATION: Violation of any of these terms constitutes a breach of contract, and it is at the full discretion of ikan-ikon as to whether or not the Agreement will continue. ikan-ikon can terminate this agreement and all discounted pricing if the Client does not follow the terms of the agreements. The Client shall have the right to terminate this agreement in writing AFTER the Client has paid all fees due in full to each party. A cancellation fee for work completed based on the contracted price may be necessary. Website hosting and domain names are outsourced and that cancellation fee is $85. Cancellation fees are not negotiable and are determined by ikan-ikon.

REFUNDS: The work that ikan-ikon does is done as payments are made and that is time that ikan-ikon spends on client projects, so there are no refunds.

COPYRIGHTS: ikan-ikon warrants that work is original or that consent for use has been obtained. ikan-ikon owns permanent Designer copyrights forever for all projects, under all circumstances. Payment in full authorizes Client unlimited rights of use. Artist will not re-sell custom art or designs commissioned for that client. ikan-ikon retains rights to use all projects for marketing. Any future copyrights must comply with this agreement. The Client shall indemnify ikan-ikon against any claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees, from copyright infringements due to Client use of unauthorized graphics, logos, context, etc. Client takes full responsibility for all graphics and photos provided for use within their project(s).

LIABILITIES: ikan-ikon is not responsible for damages caused by a third party or by nature. ikan-ikon will make fair arrangements with Client so neither party has total loss for damages out of their control.

BROKER/CLIENT AGREEMENT:’s devotes all time necessary to research and negotiate options, pricing, savings discounts with Subcontractor(s) using industry knowledge, providing print production design, supervises projects to ensure perfect projects. It shall not be construed that is liable for Client nor Subcontractor(s). Client agrees not bypass, in any way, withhold any monies, contact Subcontractors, or make any modifications to agreements. Alternative scenarios could renegotiate project specs and discounts thus increasing costs. The Client shall reimburse for all fees arising from this assignment, including out-of-pocket expenses, sales taxes, shipping, etc. Neither party has the authority to, and expressly agrees NOT to incur any debts, renegotiations, or liabilities beyond the scope of this written agreement, nor make, alter or discharge any additional contracts, quote other rates, waive or extend the time for payment.

CONTRACT LEGAL TERMS: The Client and ikan-ikon agree to comply with all federal and state contract laws. These terms are not restrictive as to content. This Agreement is in effect immediately and shall be as long as both parties are in compliance with all terms and conditions and engaged in a professional relationship. This is the entire agreement between both parties. Should any provision of this Agreement be declared invalid in part, the remaining provisions within this contract shall remain in full effect regardless of such declaration. Any changes must be made in writing (e-mail ok). No modifications or amendments shall be binding unless approved in writing by both parties. In the event of any default, all communication MUST be in writing (email ok).

WEBSITE CHANGES: Please note that if another Designer who does not work for touches or change the code of an ikan-ikon website, is not responsible for the destruction, and it will cost $83 per hour to debug the code to get it back to its original state and then make whatever changes the client wanted made in the first place.

FINAL PAYMENT: Final payment is due before project can go into print or web production and before the website can go live online. No marketing services are done until cash is in hand, contract paid in full. Prices are not negotiable.

AGREEMENT: Client agrees to the payment terms and agrees to pay all charges, fees, and expenses related to all of Client’s projects ordered through Final payment is due before project can go into print or web production and before the website can go live online. No marketing services are done until cash is in hand, contract paid in full. Prices are not negotiable. Client agrees to answer all questions asked, provide text, changes, approvals, and payments to ikan-ikon within 1-2 days at each phase of development, for every project. Client understands project cannot proceed to the next phase of development, and that work cannot get done without these things.

ETHICS: Client will not behave in unethical ways, and client understands and agrees with the terms now and forever, so that experiences working with ikan-ikon will be both efficient and affordable.

RESPONSES: Client agrees to cooperate with the processes of development throughout all the phases and not to withold approvals or change requests, for any reason.

OUTSOURCING: All outsourcing charges and fees, including printing, shipping, website developers, etc has to be paid up front because ikan-ikon does not take any liability for client bills.

VIOLATIONS: Client further understands that any violation of any of these terms constitutes a breach of contract, and that ikan-ikon may decide to discontinue working with a Client who violates any of these terms and/or that Client may lose discounted pricing.

By working with ikan-ikon, every Client accepts these terms as reasonable and fair and promises to work efficiently to guarantee the full benefits of the deeply discounted rates that ikan-ikon and provides.

Please click here to fill this Terms form contract out and submit it to ikan-ikon to get started on your projects. There is only ever the one contract you sign one time and these terms are good for every project you ever hire us for. Click here now, then email the form.

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