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HOME - Who we are is a national, American-owned and operated marketing boutique specializing in Marketing Management, including, more specifically, web design, website management, marketing planning and campaign execution for cross platform Internet marketing, and all types of print marketing and advertising.

Our niches and efficient operations have been saving clients' time and money on thorough and comprehensive project management from conceptualization to finished tangibles since 1999 across the USA working solely off referrals and rankings. You can read 5-star testimonials on the referrals page that show we successfully deliver outstanding results.

Pictures of 5 of our websites with page one Google badges

Pictures of 5 of our websites with page one Google badges
Site Highlights: Learn about your upcoming website development project, including how much a website should cost you, what it takes to keep a website online, how to build up a strong web presence, how to market a website, and how to grow a business through various options for business marketing and advertising. Just click on the 1w- and 1m- to get started. It will walk you through some important things you should know about each step so you have good information before you make any commitments.
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ABOUT - How we do what we do

ikan-ikon knows how to elevate your business so you can become more successful.

We offer an innovative approach that revolutionizes modern day business development thereby helping clients grow while harnessing every opportunity.
What started as a helping hand to a few freelance clients grew into a successful company that serves the vast needs of small and large local, national, and international businesses.

We provide search engine optimized web site design that focuses on search engine marketing with the help of web marketing, advertising, print marketing design, and marketing consulting that jumpstarts successful futures. We also assist businesses by improving efficiency and ROI, and drastically increasing brand awareness.

It is crucially important that you have a highly ranked website and quality branding or you will be lost to the wayside of hundreds of other businesses competing for the same customers in the vastness of web space.

We hate sales, so rest assured that you will never have to deal with any pressure to buy anything.

This website provides:
1. Details about each service ikan-ikon offers
2. The order in which to tackle marketing tasks
3. A gallery of previous work
4. Over 70 letters of recommendation
5. Quick ordering right from this website

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You can hire a freelancer to do all of your marketing and advertising, including website maintenance, web site marketing, business marketing. social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, graphic design, web marketing, Internet marketing, print marketing, marketing training, and marketing consulting.

Find out options for monthly marketing memberships or marketing for only one month or one project. Hire a Marketing Temp for as long or as short as you need marketing help with no employee responsibilities, getting what you need when you need it done by a Freelance Marketing Manager with over twenty years of experience.

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Individualized Approach

Each client gets exactly what their company needs with totally custom-made one-of-a-kind graphics. Every project is all-inclusive and stress-free. Money only goes out when money comes in, keeping your costs as low as possible. This is how we have been able to sustain being in business since 1999.

Technologically Advanced

We have clients all over the USA. We are efficiency experts who have developed a fully automated online approval and communication process, with clients, vendors, and subcontractors. This also means that you can view and show your projects to anyone anywhere in the world!

Environmentally Conscientious

Our marketing is online, all information is on this website, and we have fully automated online processes that are seamless online. Meetings can be via web cam on Facebook or Skype saving time while being environmentally responsible.
You can help us reduce impact on our environment by following our efficiency guidelines.
We strive to leave this world better because we exist in it.


Without overhead, expensive stocked collateral materials, nor expensive advertising, not spending our clients' money to make us look good, we make our clients look good then pay 10% as our thank you for referrals.

Verifiable Reviews

You can read many dozens of letters of recommendation about our high work ethics, personal testimonials from our clients and other references from many dozens of people who have great things to say about ikan-ikon.

Convenient Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment methods that include Square, Paypal, all major credit cards, debit cards, Money Gram, Western Union, Google Pay, Apple Pay, CashApp, and Zelle.

Buy American

We enjoy helping stimulate our own American economy while supporting emerging American businesses because we have a heart for the American entrepreneurial spirit that built this country.

Our Mission is committed to providing easy and affordable one-stop website marketing solutions, of the highest quality, quickly, and efficiently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to be the company of choice to all sizes of businesses nationwide by adhering to our business model.

Our Business Model measures our successes by yours. When your businesses does well because of our work, that makes us look good.

Tithes and Charities

We love to give! On average, fifteen percent from our contracts goes to tithes and charities. This is not something we do after we hit a certain benchmark. It is part of our processes and always will be because it is in our hearts to help those in need.

Our Causes

Charities we donate to include donating food to local food banks, donating money to causes such as women's abuse shelters, helping abused kids, NAMI, Arc, aiding in the fight against sex trafficking, providing food and medicine to people in need internationally, and the VBSPA. If you have a preference for the charity you would like your donation to go to, as long as it is a legitimate 501(c) non-profit, we could donate to your charity of choice instead. We tithe to Anchor Church in Virginia Beach.

ikan-ikon pays 10% for every referral!

Every time you refer someone to ikan-ikon, you get 10% of that contract just for giving them our contact information!

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SERVICES - What we do


1w- Website Design Information
Get their attention and make an outstanding impression with website design that drives traffic to your website, is aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and has what people are looking for readily available.

2w- Website Design FAQS
Answers to your important questions so you know what you need in order to get and keep your website online.

3w- Website Design Starter Packages
This page goes through the three types of websites, pricing, and what is included. This page is an extension of the 1-Website Design Information page.

4w- Website Design Niche Web Pages
3- Website Design Packages went over what is already included in all of our starter Website Design and web site development packages. 4-Website Design Niche Pages gets you the web pages that relate to your industry and your specialties.

5w- Website Design Packages
This page goes over the search engine optimization you need to get ranked at all on search engines. We have made everything simple for you. All you need to do is order the Starter SEO package so you can get ranked on Google and all the other search engines.

6w- Website Design Features
Features make your website more interesting to your site visitors, which keeps them on your web pages longer. The longer people stay on each web page within your website, the better your rankings can become.

7w- Website Design SEO Add-ons
The services on this page help you get ranked on search engines higher and faster. These are optional suggested things you can do to help improve your rankings. They can be started immediately or added later on.

8w- Website Marketing
Once your website is made, you have to get the word out that it exists, and that will improve your rankings. The more people who visit your website, the better your rankings can get, quickly. You want to unveil your new website like you would a grand opening of a new store or restaurant, to get people there.


1m- Marketing Plans
Before you start doing any marketing or advertising, you need to start with a good plan. The overall Marketing Plan gets broken down into sub plans for each type of marketing and advertising you plan to do. All of the marketing plans are explained on this page.

2m- Marketing Campaigns
After you have the plans, it is time to develop the campaign ideas that will drive the marketing and advertising and bring customers to you. The campaign ideas lead to the development of the individual marketing and advertising pieces, online and in print.

3m- Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing meets your customers where they are already comfortable, on their home turf. SMM helps manage your online interactions, inspires connections with your audience, and brings people to you, allows your watchers to come to trust you. The steps are: the plan, the calendar, the profile, tagging, the posts, the reports, analysis, and improvements for the next go round.

4m- Email Marketing
3- Website Design Packages went over what is already included in all of our starter Website Design and web site development packages. 4-Website Design Niche Pages gets you the web pages that relate to your industry and your specialties.

5m- Internet Marketing
There are several options to build up your web presence and make your business more successful, including fixing web directories, building funnels, referral links, and blogs.

6m- Print Marketing
We make it simple for you by offering all-inclusive packages and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) packages that set you up for success. We help you launch providing you with the tools you need.

7m- Marketing Packages
Expert management of your online pay-per-click and social media marketing strategizing with a well-planned short- or long-term multi-channel marketing plan. Order a package or a la carte. Utilize every tool and get training too.

8m- Advertising
Gorgeous custom graphic design working hand-in-hand with exceptional proven and inspired marketing and advertising techniques increasing your value proposition thereby improving your sales. You get beautiful design made right.

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Website Design
1w- Website Design Info
1w- Website Design Info (b)
2w- Website FAQS/Costs
3w- Website Design Packages
4w- Niche Web Pages
5w- Website Design SEO
6w- Website Features
7w- SEO Add-ons
8w- Website Marketing



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About Marketing Manager Consulting

Your business needs to be set up well so that you get a great return quickly for each effort you put forth and this is wholly dependent upon how good your business is represented. Advice is always included! ikan-ikon creates marketing plans, marketing campaigns, handles all the planning, designing, and implementing all types of marketing.

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