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ikan-ikon knows how to elevate your business so you can become more successful.
We provide search engine optimized Website Design and marketing. We get businesses ranked at the top of Google search engine rankings organically.

We have set up this website so that the blog is built into the web pages. This way you get a maximum amount of information that can help you choose a website designer and website developer with knowledge as to how to go about making important decisions regarding your website design project.
Page 1w is about what is included in a website design and website development starter package. It tells you everything you should make sure you get from whomever you hire to do your website design project.

Page 2w has 2 web pages that tackle the massive amount of information boiled down for you so it is all easy to comprehend in a couple minutes of reading. The first page tells you the basics and the second page we call (b) gets into more detail about the different types of websites and website developers there are and some of the things you need to know so you keep your website as long as you want without it getting hacked.

Page 3w gets into the costs of owning a website and keeping it live online. It also answers a couple other common questions about website design.

Page 4w describes your options regarding your niche industry and business pages.

Page 5w explains the search engine optimization that gets built into websites from the front-end you can see on the internet and the back-end you cannot see on the internet.

Page 6w gets into features you can add to your website so it is more interesting for people visiting your website and offers them stuff to do while on your web pages. This helps boost your search engine rankings.

Page 7w is where we talk about what can be done to market your website. It helps you understand what goes into building up your web presence with the foundation things that increase rankings. This page gets into the search engine side of web marketing.

Finally, the last page in the Web Design section of this website is 8w that tells you about website marketing from the marketing perspective. It goes into some details about packages that we offer and tells you what you should do to market your website and business in order to get the word out that you have a (new) website and build up direct traffic too. Your direct traffic will then also build up your rankings because each person who visits you website and engages with the different web pages of your website in positive ways further builds up your search engine rankings, higher faster.

We also have a marketing division that includes everything you can do to market your business, not just your website.
1m - goes into marketing plans and gives you some basic education on how to build a marketing plan as well as offering you some advice on marketing plans in general.
2m - this page is about marketing campaigns that are used to increase visibility and promote different products or services or aspects of your business.
3m - is all about social media marketing and it gives you some foundation on social media marketing.

4m - is our email marketing page.
5m - is our internet marketing page that goes into aspects and options for web marketing.
6m - is the print marketing page and that tells you about EDDM Every Door Direct Mail and other print marketing options.
7m - This page is where we tell you about the all-inclusive markeitng packages we offer and goes into what they include.
8m - Finally, the last page of the marketing section of this website discusses advertising.


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