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About SEO Algorithms - Robots and Spiders

Search engines have code that automatically crawls all the websites on the World Wide Web. The code (worker bees) are affectionately nicknamed robots and spiders.

So, search engine algorithms are code that searches every web page in the world constantly ranking and re-ranking and changing rankings based off hundreds of factors.

The search engines change the algorithm protocols frequently without any notice to the companies who need high rankings for exposure and traffic to their website.

The way it works is that the robots and spiders go through all the code on the back-end and front-end of your website to see if your website is about what you say it is about in your meta tags. They look for what is done well that seems to give your website visitors what they are looking for and they look for problems and missing keys that would otherwise improve your search engine rankings.

Google is particularly focused on the user experience, wanting to make sure people get to the right websites that match the keywords and keyword phrases they were searching for and that they connect with businesses in their own area. The "user experience" is which is what your web site visitors experience when they are on each page of your website. Are they finding what they need? Do they like your website? Are they clicking around on the various web pages, which the robots and spiders take to mean the person is enjoying their experience on your website and your company is able to solve whatever problems they are looking for solutions for.

The way we explain this is that if the robots and spiders get fed what they are craving during that site visit, they will rank you higher immediately. If they don't like what you are feeding them, or there isn't enough quality, relevant content to fill them up, your rankings suffer. Once your rankings go lower, it is harder to get them back up higher because people aren't engaging on the website. This means that you should always keep up on your rankings and fix anything that pushes you down in the search engine rankings.

Google algorithms change several times a year. it's a never-ending battle to keep up with the massive changes that occur without anyone ever being aware until their website suddenly falls off Google searches into no man's land overnight! Being a pro at SEO is like a being tax pro who has to keep up on the latest changes to tax laws.

ikan-ikon has held non-stop multiple page 1 rankings on Google and hundreds of other search engines for all of our SEO clients since 2008 with improvements in their rankings, not losses. Ask about the SEO Upkeep Package if you want to keep your rankings once you get set up and ranked, so you won't have to worry about algorithm changes.

Website Search Engine Optimization

These two are included in your website package:

Back-end SEO
This is included with our website package, if you order the Keywords Market Research Package or provide your own keywords and keyword phrases. Note: Keywords and keyword phrases are not always what you think they would be.

There's are parts to every website that no one sees unless they are lucky enough to be behind the curtain making the magic happen! This is where the code creates the structure you see when you visit a website. Written into the code are many different things that the search engine algorithms workers called robots and spiders look for.

Front-end SEO
This is included with our website package, if you order the Keywords Market Research Package or provide your own keywords and keyword phrases. Note: Keywords and keyword phrases are not always what you think they would be.

This is the part of a website that you and everyone else see when you are on a website. It is the public face of your website and a website should be thought of like a store that you walk into and look around the aisles for the different types of things you need and want.


Keywords Market Research Package
Site Submit
Tagging Set up x 2
Reports Set up x 2
Starter Analysis x 2
Analytics Training (1 hour)
SEO Upkeep Package (1 month)
You may also wish to tag and analyze social media for traffic, website integration, and the success of your marketing on social media, but that is ordered on the Social Media page.
What is the Keywords Market Research Package?



SEO Keywords Market Research Package

Market research, market segmentation, and targeting aid in developing custom marketing that connects with your target audiences.

Includes: Keywords research on Google for the correct keywords people actually use when using search engines. Keywords and keyword phrases are not always what you think they would be. Google keeps track of everything anyone types into their search engine and that data is available. It involves comprehensive research to get to the best keywords for your business. In addition to the keywords and keyword phrases themselves, you also get 2 About descriptions for use in all of your marketing. One is larger than the other, so you have the right size for different uses that allow different amounts of characters.

Provides: Keywords reports with the data that goes with each keyword recommended, About description and short About blurb that are both keyword-rich, for use in web marketing, social media marketing, and other marketing.

Site Submit

We submit to Google and set up a broad search engine site submit for hundreds of other search engines.

Part 1 - SEO Analytics

Here are some of the most necessary things that you should do to get the best rankings you can that will help you get and keep the highest search engine rankings for your website. We build your web presence to get referral traffic.

Tagging Set up
Tagging is the code that sets up the data collection. It is added to web pages after being collected from the platforms. There are a bunch of types of tag code and the Web Developer takes the code they need for each specific purpose and adds that code with additional code to the website in the places it is needed to be able to track that data and then later look at the data to see behaviors as they relate to what they were set up to accomplish.

Google Analytics Tagging Set up
Google Analytics is behind-the-scenes data that Google collects about the actions people take on websites. This is a robust reporting platform that ikan-ikon uses to make improvements to your website, social media profiles, marketing, and can help you in your interactions with the people who visit your website and online profiles. Tagging sets up the tracking we want to be able to see. We can set up the tracking on your website, individual web pages to campaign effectiveness and the performance once on the site by tracing the actions on that page and their path as they explore your site. It tells us other things too, such as where the person came from, where they live, what type of device they are using, how long they look at things and pages on your site, etc.

Server Analytics Tagging Set up
Servers also offer analytics with behind-the-scenes data that Google collects about the actions people take on websites. This data differs from Google's and it is beneficial to see as much data as possible to get a full picture of what happens while people are on your website. This data is similar to what Google shows us, but shows us things like location, type of device, how many people visited each page, etc.

Part 2 - SEO Analytics Reports Set up

Setting up Reports

Each place the tagging is set up, there also needs to be report set up that emails the report. The reports for Google and Servers will arrive weekly, monthly quarterly, and yearly. The reports for social media are on the Social Media Marketing page and need to be run manually.

Part 3 - Analysis

Setting up Reports

The reports get analyzed to see how well things are working. Then data is read and processed through a lens of what improvements can be made, if any are necessary. The analytics let us know what works and what does not work with analysis over time.

Part 4 - Analytics Training

We can teach you how to read the Analytics reports. We will go over the parts that are important and help explain what we see when we look at the reports, what the analytics can tell us, and how we can use the information to improve your website, traffic, and even sales.

SEO Checkup

Search engine marketing has a lot of moving parts that may need to be added to and updated to get and keep organic rankings over time because it is a constantly growing and changing industry and businesses open and close all the time.
With this package, we will check the rankings and keep you in the loop with links to your rankings.
Note: The costs of the SEO services that get and keep good rankings are not included in this fee.
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