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Referrals Pay 10%!

We Pay 10% For Every Referral!!!

Are you a chatty Cathy or a know it all Nate with a friendly personality? Do you aspire to use your positive energy to help keep jobs and money locally inside America while helping people? Then we need you!

You don't have to work full-time to make money as if you have a job. You don't even have to leave your house if you don't want to! You can work remotely, work from home, and make money easily. We pay 10% for every referral to anyone who sends work our way. No worries! You don't need anything but your charming personality interacting with others. Now you can get paid to just be your awesome self! How great is that?

How to get paid
The process is really simple!
You talk to people in person, on the phone, and/or online who express interest in starting a business, getting ranked on the top of hundreds of search engines organically forever, printing, graphic design or maybe they are in the need zone for a hard-working affordable and beautiful web site...

After you talk to them and they seem like they might contact us, visit this website, call the phone number, or send us smoke signals...

Then you simply let us know that person's name, and whenever they order from us, you get paid 10% of their order!

People always want to know how this can possibly be real because it sounds too good to be true, so here are the nitty gritty details: You really do get paid 10% of every penny we make gross off any referral you send to us. You get paid as soon as we get paid.

• If the client pays 100% up front for their $25,000 project, then you really DO get paid $2,500 the minute that cash is in hand, via whatever payment method you tell us you want to get paid by.

• If they pay $500 as their Retainer Down Payment and then pay $100 per month for 1 year, then you get paid $50 as soon as cash is in hand and you also get paid $10 every month they make that monthly payment.

This has been the way we get business since the beginning and it's always going to be our way because referrals are the best way to get clients and Superbowl advertising is way more expensive than a friendly smile!

Here's a link for your referrals to make an appointment


Here's a link to claim your referral fee. Please fill out our form with your contact information and put the business or person's name that you are referring and your preferred payment method in the comments section of your email. When the person contacts us, you will get your referral.


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ikan-ikon Website Design and Marketing pays 10% for every referral! You can work from home, remote work, and make money fast.
Website Design, Web Marketing, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

What We Do

People enjoy visiting websites that are easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing, and have what they are looking for readily available. Get their attention making an outstanding impression from day one with website design and marketing development that drives traffic to your website. We provide this simple guide so you can see what you need and how each piece fits together to create a strong web presence.
Note the hard-coded, customized diagonal text sections below. This is a special effect used a few different ways on this site, used to show you that no website needs to look blocky or the same as every other site. This website uses our most popular Midline Package that marries our skeleton template code with customizations displaying a unique website with features people like.

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Website Design

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People enjoy visiting websites that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and have what people are looking for readily available. This page talks about what should be included in a website package and then (b) goes into more detail on the different types of websites and creators, so you can make informed decisions. More
3- Website Design Packages went over what is already included in all of our starter Website Design and web site development packages. 4-Website Design Niche Pages gets you the web pages that relate to your industry and your specialties. More

This page goes over the search engine optimization you need to get ranked at all on search engines. We have made everything simple for you. All you need to do is order the Starter SEO package so you can get ranked on Google and all the other search engines. More

Features make your website more interesting to your site visitors, which keeps them on your web pages longer. The longer people stay on each web page within your website, the better your rankings can become. More

The services on this page help you get ranked on search engines higher and faster. These are optional suggested things you can do to help improve your rankings. They can be started immediately or added later on. More

Once your website is made, you have to get the word out that it exists, and that will improve your rankings. The more people who visit your website, the better your rankings can get, quickly. You want to unveil your new website like you would a grand opening of a new store or restaurant, to get people there. More


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Before you start doing any marketing or advertising, you need to start with a good plan. The overall Marketing Plan gets broken down into sub plans for each type of marketing and advertising you plan to do. All of the marketing plans are explained on this page. More

After you have the plans, it is time to develop the campaign ideas that will drive the marketing and advertising and bring customers to you. The campaign ideas lead to the development of the individual marketing and advertising pieces, online and in print. More

Social media marketing meets your customers where they are already comfortable, on their home turf. SMM helps manage your online interactions, inspires connections with your audience, and brings people to you, allows your watchers to come to trust you. The steps are: the plan, the calendar, the profile, tagging, the posts, the reports, analysis, and improvements for the next go round. More

3- Website Design Packages went over what is already included in all of our starter Website Design and web site development packages. 4-Website Design Niche Pages gets you the web pages that relate to your industry and your specialties. More

There are several options to build up your web presence and make your business more successful, including fixing web directories, building funnels, referral links, and blogs. More

We make it simple for you by offering all-inclusive packages and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) packages that set you up for success. We help you launch providing you with the tools you need. More

Expert management of your online pay-per-click and social media marketing strategizing with a well-planned short- or long-term multi-channel marketing plan. Order a package or a la carte. Utilize every tool and get training too. More

Gorgeous custom graphic design working hand-in-hand with exceptional proven and inspired marketing and advertising techniques increasing your value proposition thereby improving your sales. You get beautiful design made right. More

Website Design, Web Marketing, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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