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PAYMENTS: This contract may be for one or more services that ikan-ikon.com provides, and this contract lasts for the life of the business relationship between both parties, for multiple projects. Client will be given one copy of the finished project. Projects include one design direction. Changes in scope of work will require extra charges. All invoices are payable immediately upon receipt. Default in payment shall cause work to stop. Violation of payments may result in delays and/or cancellation. 10% of entire amount due will be added to any full or partially late payment. Fees are not negotiable. Client's approval shall be obtained for estimates exceeded by 10%. ikan-ikon.com warrants that work is original or that consent for use has been obtained. ikan-ikon.com has the right to recover all charges, expenses, and fees from Client for all of that Client's projects. Client shall pay all expenses incurred during this contract, including Attorney and court fees, if that becomes a necessary action. COPYRIGHTS: ikan-ikon.com owns permanent copyrights forever for all projects, under all circumstances. Payment in full authorizes Client unlimited rights of use. Artist will not re-sell custom art commissioned for client(s). ikan-ikon.com retains rights to use all projects for marketing. Any future copyrights must comply with this arrangement. The Client shall indemnify ikan-ikon.com against any claims and expenses, including attorney's fees, from copyright infringements due to Client use of unauthorized graphics, logos, context, etc. Client takes full responsibility for all graphics and photos provided for use within their project(s). LIABILITIES: ikan-ikon.com is not responsible for damages caused by a third party or by nature. ikan-ikon.com will make fair arrangements with Client so neither party has total loss for damages out of their control. BROKER/CLIENT AGREEMENT: ikan-ikon.com's devotes all time necessary to research and negotiate options, pricing, savings discounts with Subcontractor(s) using industry knowledge, providing print production design, supervises projects to ensure perfect projects. It shall not be construed that ikan-ikon.com is liable for Client nor Subcontractor(s). Client agrees not bypass ikan-ikon.com, in any way, withhold any monies, contact Subcontractors, or make any modifications to agreements. Alternative scenarios could renegotiate project specs and discounts thus increasing costs. The Client shall reimburse ikan-ikon.com for all fees arising from this assignment, including out-of-pocket expenses, sales taxes, shipping, etc. Neither party has the authority to, and expressly agrees NOT to incur any debts, renegotiations, or liabilities beyond the scope of this written agreement, nor make, alter or discharge any additional contracts, quote other rates, waive or extend the time for payment. CONTRACT LEGAL TERMS: The Client and ikan-ikon.com agree to comply with all federal and state contract laws. These terms are not restrictive as to content. This Agreement is in effect immediately and shall be as long as both parties are in compliance with all terms and conditions and engaged in a professional relationship. This is the entire agreement between both parties. Should any provision of this Agreement be declared invalid in part, the remaining provisions within this contract shall remain in full effect regardless of such declaration. Any changes must be made in writing (e-mail ok). No modifications or amendments shall be binding unless approved in writing by both parties. In the event of any default, all communication MUST be in writing (email ok). CANCELLATION: Violation of any of these terms constitutes a breach of contract, and it is at the full discretion of ikan-ikon.com as to whether or not the Agreement will continue. ikan-ikon.com can terminate this agreement and all discounted pricing if the Client does not follow the terms of the agreements. The CLIENT shall have the right to terminate this agreement in writing AFTER the Client has paid all fees due in full to each party. Payments usually coincide with work being done, so payments are not refundable. A cancellation fee for work completed based on the contracted price may be necessary. (Website hosting and domain names are outsourced and that cancellation fee is $85.) Cancellation fees are not negotiable and will be determined by ikan-ikon.com on a case-by-case basis. AGREEMENT: Client agrees to the payment terms and agrees to pay all charges, fees, and expenses related to all of client's projects ordered through ikan-ikon.com. Final payment is due before project can go into print or web production and before the website can go live online. No marketing services are done until cash is in hand, contract paid in full. Prices are not negotiable. DISCLAIMER: Please note that after the website is live online, if another Designer who does not work for ikan-ikon.com touches or change the code, ikan-ikon.com is not responsible for the destruction that may cause, and it will cost $83 per hour to debug the code to get it back to its original state and then make whatever changes the client wanted made in the first place.



It is ikan-ikon.com's standard policy to explain the contract terms and all of the specifications of each project with every client. We understand that time if of the essence and some client's just want to jump into Phase One without being concerned with all of the details, but it is crucially important to stay on the best of terms with full cooperation from both parties, so please take five minutes to read the contract terms and ask questions now, then initial below to surely know the most important terms. Client will pay what I owe and I will answer all questions that I am asked, provide text, changes, approvals, and payments to ikan-ikon.com within 1-2 days at each phase of development, for every project. I understand that if I do not, then I do not get to proceed to the next phase of development, and that work is done as payments are made so there are no refunds. Client will not behave in unethical ways, and I understand and I agree with the terms now and forever, so that my experiences working with ikan-ikon.com will be both efficient and affordable. Client understands that any violation of any of these terms constitutes a breach of contract, and that ikan-ikon.com may decide to discontinue working with me if I violate any of the terms of our agreement and/or that I may lose discounted pricing if I do not follow the terms. Client accepts these terms as reasonable and fair and I promise to work efficiently so I can guarantee myself the full benefits of the deeply discounted rates that ikan-ikon.com provides.


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