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What is a Domain Name? What is Website Hosting? How do I get a website online? What do I need for a website? How do I get ranked on Google and other search engines?
A Domain Name is an online address like your home address,; It gets people to your website. Website Hosting is like having the utilities on at your business, so people can see inside when they get there.
Maintenance fees include your domain name, hosting, and a required SSL Certificate. These fees ensure proper functionality with technological updates on your internet hosting server.
What is included in the Online Contact Us Package
This all-inclusive package includes call buttons, form page, with contact infor page. It requires complex coding web development and web design of an online form that emails you leads directly from your website. Other examples of additional form pages: Registration forms, insurance paperwork, applications, questionnaires, interactive calendar. Leads are how you make sale. This special ikan-ikon combination makes your website work for you.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Why are CMS websites like Wordpress, Joomla, Magneto, and Wix bad? Beware of hackers!

What are the 8 goals of having a website?
The 8 primary goals of any website:
1. Marketing: drive traffic, engage prospects, generate leads, re-engage existing customers.
2. Sales: help close sales by supporting sales communication before, during, and after the sale.
3. Customer Support: improve customer satisfaction through better service online.
4. Ease of Use: simplifies and optimizes content for easiest digestion and flexibility for various target markets.
5. Integration: integrates with other processes you already use, meets security needs and scalability requirements.
6. Operations: reduces costs by streamlining and automating workflows and tasks online.
7. HR: attracts and recruits new employees and supports current employees.
8. Profits: grows the company´s bottom line by increasing profitability.

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