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We have a proven track record of creating many websites ranking thousands of times on hundreds of search engines.

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ikan-ikon developed a totally custom, hard-coded, fully flexible, proprietary web site template powered with super coders who learned at MIT! We can customize almost any aspect of our custom-made copyrighted template for each individual client so that every website is one-of-a-kind, for far less money than a custom hard-coded website costs, and without the visual look of a template! You get the best of all worlds rolled into your very own unique awesome website that functions perfectly on all screen sizes and most devices.

  • • Search engine optimization and keyword marketing that will make your website profitable for you
  • • Resources online to bring new customers to you
  • • A strong connection with hundreds of search engines, to get you started perfectly

WHAT DO YOU GET? provides all-incusive page development with extensive marketing features and gorgeous design included! You get to have as much text, as many images, and as many links on every web page as you want for one low price!!! Read this page to find out everything that is included with all of the websites we create...

Our Search Engine Optimized Websites Include:
Modern customers immediately turn to search engines to help inform their purchase decisions. When they look for products or solutions, will they find you or your competitors? Our services are tailored to do more than just get you noticed. We want them to take action. We’ll help you drive customers that turn into viable leads, make a purchase, and become brand advocates.
✔ Custom and unique web pages and graphic design,
✔ Custom graphics with unlimited photos per page,
✔ Custom navigation and unlimited links per site,
✔ Basic website programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP (as needed) (you can also add-on custom features),
✔ Unlimited content on your pages and unlimited text content (it is recommended that each page have an easily readable amount of data to optimize customer retention and SEO rankings),
✔ Search Engine Optimization meta tag, descriptions, keywords, and marketing rich page development,
✔ Extensive work to get your website noticed by search engines,
✔ Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop compatibility, on most devices,
✔ Your domain name and e-mails can be included,
✔ You get a fully functional site online on your server or ours (website hosting is required, it is like having the utilities on at your house, the domain name is only an address,
the hosting is what makes the site livable so people can come visit you!),
✔ Lifetime tech support (with our maintenance package),
✔ Dedicated helpful staff available to help you as needed (during the contract term and beyond, and included with our web maintenance package),
✔ eMarketing research is also available for optimal keywords and marketing tactics that work for your industry to outshine your competition.

Back-End and Front-End Website Development:
We call this the skeleton because it is the frame of your website behind the scenes that holds everything all together and makes the website function. It is HTML, PHP, CSS, and Java Script coding and there are many files and set formats that must be created and followed in order to make a website function properly. We start with the code for a basic design template that is developed to work off of by adding the custom code, meta tags development, and general language of your custom website project, then we move on to the front-end to show you a layout that we can alter for you not affecting the back-end code.
Once front-end graphic compositions are approved by the client, then we move the project through the next steps of HTML coding to produce the individual customized web pages. This phase revolves around design with coding from the web page skeleton and graphics plus their framework (including navigation menus) to ensure optimal efficiency and load time.
The skeleton fee also includes the website set up time needed for beta testing and to upload the website to a domain name with hosting. In case you don’t know how this works, a domain name is like a house address and the web hosting is like having the utilities on in order to have people visit your house to see what is inside. Hosting is the most expensive part of buying a website, but can save you money because we have many clients that we share hosting between to save on expenses. This also helps clients who are not web savvy to be able to focus on their business while letting take care of our specialties. Alternatively, clients can have the option of buying independent website hosting on their own server. can work on your own server or ours.

Website Design and Web Development Styles:
Our websites are styled to bring a more synergistic natural feel to your online presence with design that blends well with how you present your business to people in person. We use the psychology of selling and time-proven marketing techniques to raise you above your competition. We provide an online style that is unique for you.

Website Navigation and Size:
The website navigation is usually planned before design and development starts, except with custom website design. The base navigation is usually determined prior to contract signing. More nav links will be added if more pages are added other than the primary pages, and this will be at the client’s discretion, with additional fees added, if needed. Unless necessary, navigation will include one nav bar or navigation style per design and will be consistent throughout the entire website.

Site Plan Breakdown:
1) Develop a logical flow for the navigation and usability of the site basing complex designs on the skeleton shell model of the domain. Skeleton and Home page design becomes test dummy for design and functionality of the rest of the site:
• Site navigation and design planning
• Page shell development planning
• Implementation of the vision
• Functionality development
• Functionality implementation
• Functionality testing
• Improvement changes
• Beta testing
• Increase flexibility and ease development
2) Conceptually envision design of new website.
3) Develop a detailed plan for all desired features in website design.
4) Web Site Development:
• Navigation & attributes
• All options clearly displayed and functional, if provided online
• Best selling products/services displayed on Home page
• Your business highlights advertised in header of site
• Headers and footers to display on all pages
• Suggestions for related items that go together, to upsell to your products and services, as needed.

OUR FULL-DISCLOSURE PRICING INCLUDES ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED ONLINE. With ikan-ikon, the pricing is never secretive, never marked up, never bait and switch and never nickle and dimed - You honestly get exactly what you need very affordably.

If you have a question, perhaps you don’t fully understand the nuances of a service... call and ask a question

A La Carte $
1-hour Consultation Meeting $50
Custom Marketing Assessment $150
Keyword & Marketing Research Package $300
Specifications Development $150
Tagging and Analytics Setup $150
Website Skeleton Core Package $550
1 Customized Home (index) Page $750
Contact Package - Includes Contact Information Page + Online Form Page + Click-To-Call Links $650
1 About Us Page $550
1 Services Page $550
1 SEO Page - You can upgrade to an SEO blog package $550
Backend SEO Boosting Pages $150 ea.
ONLINE BETA TESTING Approvals and Changes
Beta Testing Phases $250
iClient Account Setup and file storage $118
3 Online Presentations $150
WEB MARKETING Submittals & Setup
Email Accounts Setup $75
Maps Listings $75
Site Submit Package $150
FULLY LIVE ONLINE Congratulations!
Website Maintenance Package* $175
3 Hours of consulting work throughout the phases [Add-on consulting time @ $83/hr] $249

A La Carte Pricing Subtotal = $5,642
(If you pay the total up front, you can SAVE $2,000 and pay only $3,642!)
for this All-Inclusive SEO Web Site Design Package

Live website within 1-8 weeks!†

Credit and debit card processing fee is 3.9% per payment. We accept Western Union, Money Gram, cash, bank certified cashier's checks, and bank or post office issued money orders. Work begins after cash is in hand. If more than 3 payments, there is also a payment plan processing fee of $42 per payment for four or more payments.

The total minimum number of web pages for a Search Engine Optimized website is always recommended to be at least 5 pages so that the robots and spiders can see that your website visitors appreciate a variety of pages on your site for a good amount of time getting the things that they are seeking from your web pages. We DO include more than 5 web pages with our seo web design package. This improves your search engine ranking because that is one of the things those robots and spiders constantly do – and the more pages you have, the better, higher, and faster you can rank, because each of the pages get set up with the crucial keys and components that the most current Google and other search engines’ Algorithms are looking for - which is our specialty.

*Easy To Understand Explanations For What Is Required For Any/Every Website To Be Live Online:
NEED #1: Domain Name- Your online web address that gets people to your website (ie:
NEED #2: Website Hosting- Utilities that powers website so people can visit your website and click on pages
NEED #3: Web Site Design- Website pages are like rooms, aisles, and shelves, inside your online business
NEED #3: SSL Certificate- Website security against hacking, theft (becoming required for seo rankings)


We INVITE you to quote through other web site design companies, web designers, website developers, and search engine optimization businesses, because you will not find a better deal with such personalized customer service. Very few even have all these skills under the same networking umbrella unable to offer ALL front and back-end and SEO development as one-stop shopping! So, by all means, PLEASE SHOP AROUND, then you will come back when you see the drastic difference in what you get by choosing ikan-ikon SEO WEB DESIGN.


2) This package includes what makes the website function, sets up the website navigation, develops your keywords, SEO code, meta tags, does all the behind-the-scenes back-end web site development and front-end web site development, defines and features SEO elements, headers and footers, image tags, develops the code for each of the actual web pages, makes your website noticed by search engines all over the world, and pulls traffic into your website from any area(s) we set it up to focus on. 3) Our packages include a bunch of things that are imperative to the success of getting you ranked on Google and hundreds of other search engines. Most of our sites get ranked on pages 1-10 on Google within 2 weeks of creation. Some of our sites have gotten hundreds of page 1 Google rankings within 24 hours! (We will provide proof of current rankings and screenshots of previous searches upon request.)

4) With any package, you get a customized website designed to have your own style and colors, with UNLIMITED text, pictures, links, etc, and with all the elements that make your website function well, with a user-friendly and search engine optimized website that works for you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week forever!

5) ikan-ikon’s pricing is so low (competitors charge between $10,000-$150,000 per business website) because this is done freelance without high business overhead, without on-staff salaries and benefits that you would have to pay, without hundreds of dollars wasted on meetings you have to attend so you can be charged for them, etc. Every process is streamlined to be fully efficient, so that you get your website investment working for you making your money back QUICKLY.


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