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You started with good stock, now it gets to grow! Below displays pages that most websites have and need.

Utilizing these pages well is how to make the most of having a website.

Primary Products/Services Page (Included in your package)

Secondary Products/Services/Niche Page ($250)

Information Text Page [ie: Shipping, Disclaimer, FAQs] ($150)

Photo Gallery with 3 Categories ($900+)

Blog Package [Primary Collection Page, 3 Starter SEO Article Pages] ($950)

The more pages you have working toward high ranking website goals, the higher you can rank on Google.

How To Utilize A Web Page Well -
What You Need To Provide To Your Website Visitors:
1) Make it easy to understand what you do.
2) Answer why they should choose you.
3) Build an awesome online personality while also saving yourself tons of time,
by offering your schpiels that you repetitively have to tell people in person about your business niches.
4) Take all the fear and doubts away by showing off that which you are best at!


The next step will be to have your consultation to discuss your business in detail and establish the pages, style, etc that you want for your website. We will have this initial consultation FAST after you place your order!

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