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After your Retainer Down Payment is processed, you will receive an email with a questionnaire and an invitation to schedule your online or in person free 1-hour consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss your project in detail. After the consultation, we will be working with you to make sure you get exactly what you need with your style, preferences, and all the specific details of your industry and your business included in your project. You can be as involved as you want or you can let us do it all for you, that is completely your own choice.

We accept PayPal, Square, Facebook, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards, for your convenience. We also accept U.S. Post Office money orders, Walmart Money Gram, and Western Union. We do not accept checks.

We do not accept checks because banks do not honor IOU pieces of paper as a form of payment for services rendered.

We understand that this upsets some people, and we apologize for the inconvenience it lays on clients' laps because a some criminals created issues with bank cashing checks. However, we practice good business ethics while saving time and energy, to keep the work flowing without interruptions.

Money can very easily be paid in cash the same day by every other payment method we do accept, so there is no reason for us to accept IOUs.

Delivery times will depend on your project and your changes and approvals. Once payment is processed, your project will be added to our queue for the free Initial Consultation. Delivery of finished projects usually averages between a few days to 6 weeks for most projects. It is important to make a note here that clients must provide their end in a timely manner to ensure maximum efficiency.
Please see the Terms page for details.

We have a fully online project development and approvals process that is amazing! You can look at your project and show it to other people anywhere in the world so there is never any wasted time. Once you become a client, you will have access to that private portal. At the end of each phase, starting with Phase 1, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to follow. It is super easy. All approvals must be in writing and they get sent to ikan-ikon via email so that we have everything very well organized and can process your order through our quick Queue process.

Every client gets a free one hour consultation at the beginning of the project. During Phase One, there is more time allocated within the pricing structure to accommodate conversations, emails, and meetings with the client to establish the specs of the project. Some clients want more time than the efficiency we have established for our packages. In this case, we have options available to ensure that every client gets exactly what they need and want out of their website development experience, within the lowest budget possible. We have two options for additional meetings: Option 1) in person meeting $50/hour ~or~ Option 2) online meeting $35/hour.

Simply click on the buy options throughout this website. If you prefer to talk first, contact us first.

Delivery times will depend on the client. Once payment is confirmed your order will be processed. Delivery can be expected within 7-60 days depending on the scope of the project, the changes being made throughout the three phases of development, and the amount of time in between online presentations and approvals.

The only time a client will pay more than the packages is if the client wants more. For example, if a client wants an additional Online Presentation at the end of Phase 3 after a small change, normally this would not warrant that level of effort so it is usually done via a proofing email and responded to by an approval email. However, the option is available to have another online presentation for an additional $35 extending the project with another phase of changes and approval options. We set up the packages to be efficient while keeping the budget as friendly as possible, but we are flexible to ensure clients get what they need.

Yes, you can! After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email and the initial free one-hour consultation will be scheduled to discuss the project and structure the project specifications. Within 72 hours after the payment is processed, you will receive an expected delivery date with the Client.pdf that details the project specs. After this, the project goes into the queue in the order it was received and then it goes through the 3 phases of development with online presentations at the end of each phase. There are at least 3 opportunities for the client to make changes and any time a set of changes is requested by the client, there is another online presentation. There are a certain amount of these built into the project's all-inclusive pricing.


Primary Pages – Major hub of information, requires more design time because it is the first of its kind developed for your website.

Custom Pages – Design and coding are totally one of a kind, created from scratch, just for one client, and no other website on the web will have a site like it.

Template Pages – A template for Sub Pages is created for you from a Primary page.

Templates – These are packages from one of our vendors or from one of our Website Developers who make custom templates for ikan-ikon as needed. Some templates cost money and others may be free for ikan-ikon to use the code, or they may be templates that we already bought to use for a variety of clients. If a template costs money, that is an extra add-on cost for the client too.

Customized Templates – This is the same as above, but with the added luxury of moving elements around, changing the coding to suit your needs, and changing the colors, photos, graphics, and information to become your own unique custom website, with all the awesome functionality people love about templates, at lower pricing than a totally custom website costs.

Sub Pages – This is a page that uses the shell of a Primary page, but is simplified for smaller pages, such as a FAQs page or a Policies page. These can be made from custom or template or customized template pages.

Online Form – This is a Contact Us page that can be used for any number of very helpful data transmission formats. Types of Form Pages: Feedback, Guestbook, Forum, Survey, Visitor Counter, Date/Time, Shopping Cart, Order Form, etc.

Social Media Marketing – This is custom marketing developed specifically to reach out to your target market on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media Profile Page Design – This is the graphic design and some set up for marketing your about section on that social and all the other aspects of setting up a complete profile that links back and forth to and from your website in many ways. It is the beginning of constantly keeping the user engaged in your business online.

YouTube Marketing – Similar to Social Media Marketing, but with videos too and a YouTube Channel, which is used to collect and broadcast free videos on the Internet.

Navigation – This is how people get to other pages in a website. They click on links that lead them to another page.

NavBar – A navigation bar is a collection of links to important pages within a website, made into a design element, with graphics or text used as the links to other pages.

Drop-Down Menu – This is an extension of a NavBar that brings a previously invisible element into view with additional sub links for a category that is on the NavBar.

Secondary NavBar – This is the same thing as a NavBar except that there can be more than one NavBar for complex navigation where there are a lot of pages to navigate.

e-Mail Marketing – This is a design and marketing service that creates compelling advertising in the format of an e-mail.

Company Pages – This is a collection of web pages that are like departments and/or sections and/or aspects of your business. Think of your website like it IS your business because it is, just an online virtual version of the real thing. (About Us, Staff Biographies, Our History, Mission Statement, etc.)

Support Pages – These are pages like the FAQs, Shipping, Site Map, etc that provide additional information that is a side note people who visit your site may want to have, but that are not primarily important enough to be on the Nav Bar.

Site Map – This is exactly what it is called. A Site Map helps your search engine ranking because it helps your web surfers comprehend the structure of what your website offers, what pages are in your website. A good site map will look good, be thorough, and provide links to each page within your website too.

404 Error Page – This is a page that comes up by default if someone clicks on a link that leads them to a page that no longer exists.

Favicon – These are tiny logos or letters that display in the tab at the top of the page for thoroughly designed websites. The size of one letter character is all that can really be used in order to see anything.

Embedded Video(s) – We use YouTube to embed videos or custom embedded code, depending on various factors, and have different pricing structures based on the time it takes to embed the video(s).

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