How much does a logo cost and how much SHOULD a logo cost?

You want to have your business Ambassador logo designed by a reputable Graphic Designer who is American, a true professional who will actually give you a REAL LOGO that is created properly in Illustrator and Photoshop, perhaps maybe also an animated dimensional development program too, so that you will not get pixelated, choppy, messed up printed tangibles when a printer tries to print your logo on something - which is the entire purpose of a logo. Pricing varies greatly depending on the level of the the Logo Designer, whether it is freelance or by a marketing design firm, the cost of their overhead, and their ego, which can be insanely overrated! Pricing for a logo in 2018 is between $75-$200,000. The pricing varies for these reasons:

You can have a local printer tell you they will make you a logo for $75 for a t-shirt project they create for you until the end of time, but they will unethically keep that logo captive and never give you any logo development files for printing anything anywhere else, because they cannot make money off you that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, some arrogant self-important Graphic Designers charge outrageously exorbitant prices for a logo and they cannot even tell you why! Look up videos on You Tube and you will see this in abundance. They are literally deciding how much to charge clients based on how willing they think the client is to burn their money!!

ikan-ikon charges everyone the same prices, without trying to make more money off people with more money and screwing over the little guys and girls trying to start a great business on a tight budget. We offer EVERYTHING ALL-INCLUSIVE so that you never have anything to worry about for the lifetime of your business, because we want you to succeed. When you look good and your business if successful, that makes ikan-ikon look good because we created your branding logo, synergistic graphic design for all of your printed tangibles, collateral materials, and your website with your web marketing skyrocketing on Google. We have 2 packages that provide you with everything you need. We charge $35-56 per hour for our time doing the different steps involved in creating business branding for you. These prices reflect the average amount of time our twenty years of experience has spent on other clients’ logos.


Your logo is your Ambassador when you are not there to speak for yourself. Logos need to show what you do and place you at the top of your industry utilizing the psychology of marketing with professionalism, quality graphics, buying and connection colors, and symbols that inspire your viewers to buy because your branding is the best you can afford. It is CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT to project a professionally branded logo. This is the foundation of ALL of your marketing.

All of our logo projects include the development of all future use files for any printer and any printing method that you could ever need.

We include a complete logo development project with proofs and options that takes an average of 38 working hours to thoroughly develop.

We design a synergistic branded image across ALL printed materials and web uses.

The logo is the start of creating your brand identity. Everything stems from the brand, and the brand establishes your industry placement. People make judgments of the rank of products and services based solely on visual representation when there is nothing else to relate to. Make yours the best you can afford because you cannot afford not to!

Your logo defines your branding design of all of your marketing materials. We can include a package of everything for you to use your logo for branding, for use on your website and printing projects, in advertisements, etc. These are a la carte purchases that can be made all together or separately, as you wish.

• Illustrator Vector Formats - .eps 300 dpi, .ai 300 dpi (any size),
• Photoshop Web Formats - .png 72 dpi, .gif 72 dpi, .jpg 72 dpi,
• Photoshop Print Formats - .psd 300 dpi, tif 300 dpi, .jpg 300 dpi.

Not all logo projects are created equal. On the one hand, there is the client who wants a simple text type logo, with one color they know up front and no graphic icon element. They leave the design completely up to the Graphic Designer with a few font guidelines such as they know they prefer san serif over serif and they want it to be bold at any size. For such a simple project, ikan-ikon charges $75 for 3 logo design options, and then the client takes elements of them to choose one as the final.

On the other hand, another client wants a logo design with 5 distinct elements to it, a hand-drawn then computer created illustration graphic icon, the business name in one font style and a tag line in another, with a variety of different color schemes and fonts and icons to choose from. ikan-ikon would end up charging more than $75 because there is a lot more work involved in this project than the one above.


PHASE ONE - Concept Development:
(Retainer Down Payment of 100%, 50%, or 34% is made, cash in hand before work begins for Phase One.)

PHASE ONE - Concept Development:
(Retainer Down Payment of 100%, 50%, or 34% is made, cash in hand before work begins for Phase One.)

Step 1: Get to know the client's business, style, and preferences
(This is client homework that is information ikan-ikon NEEDS in order to begin the project)
Develop the Design Brief utilizing the marketing questionnaire

Step 2: Research the field/industry
Research: Conduct research focused on the industry itself, on its history, and on its competitors
Reference: Conduct research into logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that may be related to the design brief.

Step 3: Sketch, present, and iterate on initial ideas
Sketching & Conceptualizing: Develop the logo design concept(s) around the brief and research.

Step 4: Receive feedback from client

Step 5: Revise to suit
(Client gets up to 2 sets of changes provided efficiently in up to 2 emails)

PHASE TWO - Proof Development:
(33% payment is made if on that plan)

Step 6: Create the computer rendering of the chosen concept

Step 7: Receive feedback from client

Step 8: Revise to suit
(Client gets 1-2 sets of changes provided efficiently in 1-2 emails)

PHASE THREE - Comprehensive Development:
(Final payment is made upon completion of proof before the project goes live, is outsourced, or becomes tangibles.)

Step 9: Create the final production quality deliverable

Create the final logo as all future use files and provide to client via email
(Client gets the final future-use files via email after final approval and final payment is made in full)


Each logo development project includes concept sketches that convey a variety of original ideas, computer-rendered proofs of the Designers choices of the best ideas made into a completed looking logo so the client can get the vision better than sketches can provide non-artists, and 1 comprehensive logo development that is designed to client specifications through 3 phases of development with 3-4 opportunities to approve or make changes. One logo concept takes at least 18 to develop from 12 sketches through 3 phases with 1 proof and 1 comp.

$350 (max 8 hours total work time)
4 unique concepts presented as computer rendered ideas with other additional concepts as sketches
1 refined computer-rendered proof
1 comprehensive logo development final

$950 (max 18 hours total work time)
12 unique concepts presented as computer rendered ideas with other additional concepts as sketches
3 refined computer-rendered proofs
1 comprehensive logo development final


Web Page Branding Package (site must be ikan-ikon created for this pricing)
$222 per page (max 3 hours website and graphic design work)
1 layout design concept presented as computer rendered idea
1 refined computer-created proof
1 comprehensive design final

(Complex website coding/changes cost extra) Printing Single-Page Branding Design Package
(ie: business card, banner, sign, postcard being created by ikan-ikon)
$56 (max 1 hour graphic design work) 1 layout design concept presented as computer rendered idea
1 refined computer-created proof
1 comprehensive design final

(printing costs extra, 1 fee per page being designed) Graphic design $56 per hour. Website work $83 per hour. Prices are not negotiable.

Choose your logo package

After you get started, you may decide you want to explore more than one concept. If so, these are the prices to get whatever you want out of that additional working time...
Additional sketched logo concept ideas = $50 each Additional computer-rendered proof = $100 each
Additional comprehensive = $200 each


You will get other information all through the processes of working with Simply follow the instructions to maintain your lowest pricing possible.

Please see contract terms page for more details.

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