We Need More Great People On Our Team!!!

Are you a chatty Cathy or a know it all Nate? Do you aspire to use your positive energy to help keep jobs and money locally inside America? Then we need you!

We shape businesses and define industries. Our purposeful branding of small, mid-sized, and large businessese, for local, national, and international markets, makes them more successful and secures a better future for business owners, employees of those businesses, their families, and our national economy prospers because of our efforts.

You don't have to work full-time to make great money. Now you can get paid to just be your awesome self! How great is that?

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The Hierarchy of ikan-ikon Staff

Director of Operations

This is not a position that needs to be filled, nor will it ever be. This title is listed here to establish clarity in the hierarchy and roles, with the metaphor example provided to show everyone how important each job is to the success of the company. Twenty years experience and a lot of sweat and tears, some carpal tunnel, and A LOT of creative thinking both artistically and intellectually have built this business from the ground up and kept it surviving through a recession with patient tenacity plugging away, learning and expanding the offerings to stay relevant through huge technological advances. This person is the brains of the operation and manages every aspect of the company with a very hands-on role working in the mud with sleeves rolled up just like everyone else!

Are you looking for a flexible job?

Sales Account Managers

Same as the Account Reps but also oversees the sales staff.

Sales Account Reps

Sales Managers communicate on a frequent basis with a wide variety of different types of people, from very successful business owners of Fortune 500 companies to newbie entrepreneurs working out of their homes. The primary goal of the Sales Manager is to make strides toward educating people on how we can help them achieve their goals. A car and cell phone are required for this role, as is the ability to feel comfortable talking to all people. Must be polite, professional, well-groomed, and friendly. Also must know how to use a computer, email, and prefer at least a little experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). This is NOT a high pressure sales job. The services sell themselves and the folks we love to call our clients need our services on a regular basis. These folks' efforts are appreciated because they are the face and smile of ikan-ikon!

Admin Assistant

Administrative Assistants answer phones, process paperwork, communicate with customers and employees, and provide various types of support to staff as needed. Required skills are basic phone and computer skills, Microsoft Office experience, and a great knack for customer service. Must have own computer, preferably a mac laptop. This role can be done from home a lot of the time, but sometimes it is required to work as part of a team and when that is the case, it won't be at home. Most of the work to be done will be done over the phone and via emails, maybe web cam meetings via Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook occasionally. These sweethearts are the voice of ikan-ikon!

Are you a Designer looking for work?

Creative Director

Works on the same tasks as the freelance designers and oversees the creative staff.

Freelance Website Programmer

Web Site Programmers create hard-coded website projects and app development projects. Experience creating websites, databases, security features, and apps is required. Highly skilled experienced hard-coder with computer programmer experience and heavy-duty web site development skills needed to create secure CMS shopping carts and original apps. This is the backbone/spine that keeps ikan-ikon standing up!

Freelance Web Designer

Web Site Designers create graphic design for web design projects that we develop for clients. HTML, CSS, Java Script, and PHP experience creating websites is required. Skills required are the ability to hard-code and debug code. These wonderful people are the muscle of ikan-ikon flexing and showing off what we can do!

Freelance Graphic Designer

Print Production Graphic Designers create graphic design for our printing projects. Print production and graphic design for printing projects experience is required. Endlessly creative, the Designers are the body of ikan-ikon, involved in every project and keeping us going!