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(Note: References can be hard for new clients to verify because people change jobs over time, but some people remain friends via social media, so the people you can get contact information to verify their references on this page are in parenthesis next to their name to make it easier, if you need to check the validity of any of these letters of recommendation and testimonials. None of the people or references on this page are fake or fluffed. It is standard operating procedure to request letters of recommendation from everyone we work with, and that is why there are so many here.)


July 31, 2008 Vicky V. (Director of Marketing, Earnhardt Auto Centers)
This is a letter of recommendation for Kristen Lee, who has been a Graphic Designer in Earnhardt's Marketing Department since March 2006. We are an automotive in-house ad agency responsible for production and placement of all advertising for Earnhardt Auto Centers, which has dealerships throughout metro Phoenix and, in El Paso, Texas. Kristen was initially hired as the Graphic Designer responsible for the design of our newspaper ads, magazine ads, brochures and other collateral material. In addition to this, she was responsible for interfacing with multiple managers and media. Kristen is very intelligent, well organized and able to work within tight deadlines. She created an efficient system for managing the high ad volume that included designs, approvals and placement. Recently, Kristen assumed added responsibilities in Earnhardt's in-house print shop. This is a very high volume department, which handles most of the printing requirements for all Earnhardt stores. Her design and organizational talents were well utilized in keeping the many orders in the print shop flowing smoothly. Kristen is a very savvy, self-motivated, enthusiastic individual and we appreciate her contribution to the marketing efforts of our company. With her wide range of talents, she will be a tremendous asset to your company.


July 31, 2008 Julia B. (Marketing Assistant Manager, Earnhardt Auto Centers)
I have worked with Kristen Lee since she started here in Earnhardt Marketing two and a half years ago. I had the opportunity to observe Kristen more closely when she started helping in our print shop approximately 7 months ago. Kristen is a team player, quick to step up and take on additional duties when needed. She mastered the operation of the machines and equipment in no time, worked hard to make the processes in her area more efficient, and contributed creatively to numerous projects. Kristen is detailed in her work and diligent about completing projects in a timely manner. She would make an excellent addition to any organization.


July 28, 2008 Stace H.(Creative Director, Earnhardt Auto Centers) (request contact info for reference)
This letter is my personal recommendation for Kristen Mae Lee. I've found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Kristen demonstrated from early in her tenure that she understood what business is all about. She was well organized. She was quite aware of the bottom line, and had a knack for recognizing and eliminating waste. I suppose doing well in this business is easy if you are, as she was, efficient by nature. Kristen is available for new challenges only because of her desire to learn and grow further. I would have loved to see her stay, but certainly understand her need to advance beyond. I highly recommend Kristen for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.


July 30, 2008 Ken M. (General Manager - Dodge, Earnhardt Auto Centers)
When Kristen started at Earnhardt Auto Centers in March 2006, she was introduced in a GM Sales Meeting while setting up structured deadlines for the General Managers for the ad copy submittal, approvals, and ad submissions. The first thing I realized about Kristen is that she is motivated, efficient, and organized. She revised an outdated Ad Copy Submittal Form with the requirements for each ad to assist in collecting necessary information for the various brand's co-op advertising and Better Business Bureau requirements, keeping up with the changing requirements for each throughout her time designing the ads.

She was deadline-driven and encouraging, keeping up with open communication between the Marketing Department and the General Managers, to streamline an efficient process of all the steps involved with our newspaper advertising.

I learned that Kristen is a creative and talented artist who utilizes marketing knowledge in target marketing advertising when she offered ideas for improvements consistently expressing a positive attitude because she was concerned with how I felt about our ads.

Kristen was also helpful by taking on extra assignments and responsibilities, such as ordering the ads when her boss, Vicky, was out of the office, going to a PBR Bull Riding event when she was asked to represent the dealership for receiving an award, and she even began working in the Print Shop after Ginny quit. Kristen also took initiative by maintaining Internet advertising (online ads) and promotions pages, creating reports with Internet tracking results and kept up with weekly reporting until IT had developed an Internet Advertising and tracking process.

Kristen did an awesome job for us and she was a pleasure to talk to when we worked on ads together. I recommend Kristen without hesitation and know that she will do well at anything she pursues in the future.


August 23, 2008 John N. (General Manager - Ford, Earnhardt Auto Centers)
Kristen Lee is a very efficient, creative, timely employee who would greatly improve any organization. I worked closely with Kristen on a weekly basis to meet advertising deadlines and budgets. She was always willing to put in the extra effort, had a great attitude, and I was never disappointed with the end product. Good employees are difficult to find and we were lucky to have found Kristen. She fit in right away and brought her creativity and energy to a department that was becoming stale. Unfortunately, the economy and the Last In First Out method made her a casualty in our organization even though her work ethic was exemplary. I would positively endorse Kristen for future employment and wish her the best of luck.


July 30, 2008  Jennifer K. (Co-worker Earnhardt Auto Centers)
This letter is my personal and professional recommendation for Kristen Mae Lee. I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen for the past two and a half years here at Earnhardt Auto Centers. I have worked directly with her on multiple projects, and have always admired her diligence, creativity and positive attitude. Kristen has always been a source of new and innovative ideas for our advertising. I would put together VERY rough sketches or creative concepts for our ads, and I was always amazed with the speed and professional outcome of the final product Kristen would send back to me. Her ingenuity and motivation came through in the consistent quality of her work. She has successfully developed many marketing pieces for the Special Finance department that have resulted in increased sales, and many customers have even commented on the quality of her artwork. Her graphic design skills and attention to detail are apparent in her ads, Her work ethic is apparent in her quick turnaround and her ability to tackle any job, regardless of size or expected deadline. I highly recommend Kristen Mae Lee for employment. She is a team player, a true artist, and would make a great asset to any organization. I know she will be successful in any path she chooses.

July 30, 2008 Michael S. (Fleet Department Manager, Co-worker Earnhardt Auto Centers)
This letter is my personal recommendation for Kristen Mae Lee. Kristen's talents, skills, knowlegdge and personality will truly be missed and we are sorry to have to let her go.

She has a talent for taking the information I give her verbally and making it into a concise and compelling creative solution that more than exceeds my expectations consistently as she tackles all assignments with dedication, creativity and a smile.

Kristen is always a fountain of knowledge and experience on cutting costs while increasing the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, which is impressive. She She is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to others. She has successfully developed many marketing pieces for the Commercial Center of Earnhardt Auto Centers that have resulted in increased revenue, which I attribute in large part to her skillful designs and excellent writing skills. Additionally, she has an aspiring personality and is a joy to work with, which is motivating for other employees within the company, and makes her a delight to be around.

I highly recommend Kristen for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.


July 30, 2008 Leanne H. (Co-worker Earnhardt Auto Centers)
I have had the utmost pleasure in working with Kristen Lee for the past six months at Earnhardt Ford. I can unequivocally state that she is a talented, beautiful, upbeat person both inside and out and an absolute delight to work with. Her optimism really creates a wonderful work environment and her graphic design skills are incredible. It is truly a shame to see her go as a result our down turning economy. I would work with Kristen again in a heartbeat.


July 28, 2008 Amanda A. (Co-worker Earnhardt Auto Centers)
This letter is my personal recommendation for Kristen Lee. Besides being a joy to work with, Kristen is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Kristen enthusiastically accepts tasks even if they may fall outside the scope of her responsibilities and executes those tasks with precision, creativity, efficiency and class. Though she was an asset to our Marketing Department, Kristen was extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. Kristen assumed full responsibility of our Print Ship when we were in desperate need of someone with organization, leadership and professioanlism. I highly recommend Kristen for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.


14Jan11 Master Chief J.S. (Director of the another Subschool, United States Navy)
As the Director of Basic Enlisted Submarine Training at Naval Submarine School, which is located on the Submarine Base in Groton, I enjoyed a close professional relationship with Ms. Lee. At any given time, we have about 2000 Sailors attached to Submarine School, and almost all of them were frequent users of the Liberty Center and the programs Ms. Lee provided to them. Most of my Sailors are single and do not have their own cars yet, so Ms. Lee and I communicated frequently and worked together to provide positive recreation opportunities.

From the moment I met her, I was impressed by Ms. Lee's unbridled enthusiasm and limitless energy. She worked incredibly hard, well beyond what was expected of a person in her position, to provide the best and greatest number of opportunities possible for my Sailors. Her positive attitude was infectious!! She enjoyed a strong relationship with the Sailors under her care, quickly earning their trust and confidence. She was frequently sought out by my younger men for advice and counseling and I trusted her completely to provide the right guidance.

Kristen Mae Lee is an excellent worker, a gifted counselor and mentor, and a proven manager. I would highly recommend her for a position with your organization. Please contact me if I can provide you with any further information.


18Jan11 Master Chief G.H. (Director of the primary Subschool, United States Navy) (request contact info)
I am happy to recommend Kristen Mae Lee for employment at any company. I had the pleasure of working with Kristen. She was organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular task finished.

Because there were often last-minute deadlines, her cooperative attitude and good cheer were important and appreciated. I remember in particular her enthusiasm and positive attitude. She would come to work early, stay late, and arrange her work schedule to best support the Sailors. She worked holidays and overtime to ensure the programs for our Sailors got the attention and supervision required.

Administering recreation events can be challenging, especially funding them. Kristen, through her resourcefulness and dedication, turned programs that were losing money into money makers.

She is comfortable and confident in groups, and always professional. We miss her here at the Submarine Base, but know her next employer is gaining a huge asset!

I would be more than willing to give further recommendations, feel free to contact me.


November 15, 1992 Marianne A. (Manager for MWR, United States Navy)
Krista Lee worked for me for two years. She has a wonderful personality and is always smiling. The MWR (Single Sailors) Young Adult Program was given a work award for Exemplary Achievement, which Krista contributed to greatly, as part of our five person team who maintain the Navy and Marine Corps activities on the submarine base here in Kingsbay, Georgia, and each of us were given a plaque from the Commander of the Submarine base, during a ceremony, each with a $600 check.

Krista Lee was in charge of the Marine Corps Barracks activities, helped at the Enlisted Men's Club as a Recreation Aide who DJ'd, ran tournaments, games and activites, and then she was also offered the Tiki Hut when the pool on base opened, and as she always does, she excelled there too, always taking on more work with an eager heart.

She is very organized and creative. The Sailors really respond well to her and her activities are always successful. She asks for additional tasks and takes on every one of the responsibilities she is given with great pride. She even initiated writing reports for the events and activities she came up with.

We are sad to see her go, but understand that her family needs her right now. I would highly recommend Krista Lee and I know she has a bright future.


August 3, 2010
Mary-Catherine M.
(Manager for MWR, United States Navy)
Kristen, I am very proud of how hard you have been working! You are doing a suburb job. Thank you for all of your very hard work (in re-vamping the Single Sailor Program on the Submarine base.)"

May 26, 2012 Pedro A. (life coaching client)
I was asked to write a letter of recommendation for Kristen and am writing one happily for her. This is in regards to her workshops, which show people how to successfully navigate thru the resume and interview jungle. I took one of her workshops in July 2000 and have successfully used the skills I learned to become a successful project engineer in one of the top 50 engineering firms in the nation as well as being able to negotiate a salary commiserate with my knowledge and skills.

The first thing I noticed about Kristen’s seminar was the size. She kept the size small so that she could give each of us personal attention, based on each of our particular needs at the time. Thru the workshop, I was able to learn how to write a resume in a style that would be noticed for the particular field of employment I was entering. She showed me the use of keywords and how to place them so that Human Resource personnel, who have little knowledge of the work that I do, are able to see them and flag my resume for further interviews. Kristen also showed me the importance of cover letters and how to structure the content so the maximum information could be conveyed in the fewest words possible. She helped me strengthen my interviewing skills and pointed out weaknesses in my technique. She gave me key statements as answers to questions formatted specifically for me, and the materials to practice enhancing my interviewing skills by memorizing them so that, in every interview, I am prepared for any question with a great answer. Finally, Kristen gave me key statements to use during salary negotiations to improve my salary range with ease.

To date, I have never failed in obtaining a position that I have applied to. Using the techniques learned in Kristen’s workshops, I have always been able to get my foot in the door and win the position that I sought, even when I changed careers into the IT industry for a few years. In addition to successfully navigating the tough career path due to today’s economy, I also obtained a level of confidence and a means of improving other aspects of my life, both personal and business. Kristen’s proven method showed me that life is a process and that with a well, thought-out action plan, I am able to accomplish more and obtain a higher quality of life. I highly recommend Kristen's workshops for anyone who wants a proven step-by-step method of improving parts of their lives.


Linked In Reviews:

January 3, 2013 Dan Plomaritis (Webmaster - Danny's Floral & Party Rental Suppliers)
Kristen Mae Lee is someone who I can recommend wholeheartedly in graphic design. Her attention to detail is most amazing. In a world were it is difficult to stand out from ones peers it is clear to see how good she is at what she does. 


January 3, 2013 Bob Carroll (Manager - logo development, marketing materials printing, website development)
Kristen did an excellent job on a web design and logo for a partner of mine. The job she did was very detailed and creative. She was inventive with the printed support material. I highly recommend her. She is devoted on her projects from beginning to end. 


January 3, 2013 Mohammad Musa (Co-founder & CEO at Deepen.AI, Stanford University, San Francisco Bay Area, CA - logo)
Kristen worked on a graphic design for my organization a few years ago and she has done a phenomenal job. She took the time to understand our needs and values and presented us with literally hundreds of concept art and we went through multiple iterations until we got exactly what we were looking for. We were very satisfied with Kristen's work; very high quality and very creative. I highly recommend her.


January 3, 2013 James Strock (Founder, CEO Serve to Lead Group, Harvard Law School, Scottsdale, AZ)
Kristen worked on a graphic design for my organization a few years ago and she has done a phenomenal job. She took the time to understand our needs and values and presented us with literally hundreds of concept art and we went through multiple iterations until we got exactly what we were looking for. We were very satisfied with Kristen's work; very high quality and very creative. I highly recommend her. 


January 3, 2013 Matt McGrann (tattoo design)
Kristen's eye for beauty has allowed her to excel in all the work that she does. Her experience has lead her to many opportunities that have allowed her to expand and perfect her art. Working with Kristen was always a wonderful experience. She brings a certain light with her everywhere she goes and presents a passion that is unprecidented in her work. 


October 9, 2013 David Vaccaro (Author - postcard design and printing, two book cover designs, book marketing)
This graphic artist has worked for graphic design companies before, now she is free lancing. She is fully qualified, and has done other book covers before for me, as well as a DJ business card. She is a good person and will not screw you over.


November 3, 2013 Amy Taylor (Model - photo retouching, calendar and poster printing)
Kristen did a great job creating calendars for my fan club; she did everything I asked, and the project was completed to my satisfaction. Her design skills are great, and the product turned out perfectly.

Facebook Reviews:

Captain Mike Vitagliano reviewed ikanikon-websites — 5 stars on March 7 at 5:57am
Beautiful, creative and Innovative website designs that load easily and are tapped into the Google algorithm to maximize views..... And affordable too! 

Wilson Charm (NeoLife Vitamins) reviewed ikanikon-websites — 5 stars on March 5 at 11:25pm
IkanIkon has done a fantastic job on my postcards and flyers. Kristen is very knowledgeable and she offers a great price selection that is very reasonable. Great service, great staff. I would highly recommend her service to anyone! Thanks again. 

Jesh Sayin (Stylin2 Hair Salon) reviewed ikanikon-websites — 5 stars on March 5 at 9:03am
Krista is an amazing artist. She know how to get your website to the top of google search. She has done my business logo, my business cards, my website, clothing graphics and much more. I would highly recommend to do anything for your advertising needs! 

Robert Carroll reviewed ikanikon-websites — 5 stars on March 8 at 6:11am
This is a very upstanding company. I have used them on several projects. Very much pleased with the results. I have know Krista for many years now. She has always been a very professional and dedicated person.

Jessica Parrell reviewed ikanikon-websites — 5 stars on September 15, 2016 

Ron Chargualaf on March 4 at 8:12pm 
Krista does an exceptional job by just reading her post !! Anyone or company will be fortunate to have her !! She does well in her research, very observant and in touch with her clients. Please give her try.

Manta Reviews:

Jay Smith on March 6, 2017
I am submitting this recommendation on behalf of Krista Mae Lee. I’ve known Krista for the past 20 years and consider her a great friend to this day. I also have had the opportunity to work with her as her Manager for two years in a customer service role at Foxwood’s Casino. She was a pleasure, has always been very passionate at work and attacks life in the same way. She has a great personality, is extremely loyal and devoted to those she is helping. Krista has a way of lighting up the room and making those around her feel great! You will be well served working with Krista.

January 28, 2013 Phranq T. (Logo Design, Website Development, Marketing, ISO 9001/QMS)

A letter of high recommendation for Ms. Kristen Lee.

I am a physician, medical professor, and local public official here in the Phoenix-Metro region in Arizona. Our medical practice is of a high profile nature with a cash only international clientele. A key professional with the development of our unique and growing business is Ms. Lee.

Kristen has been very instrumental in helping me strategize and focus our practice. This became a need that our practice did not immediately identify until Kristen's professional tangential experience was consulted. Her contribution was both highly creative and technical and overall highly organizational.

These qualities were evident in Kristen's interaction and work with the following:
1. Ms. Lee organized specific creative meetings to assess our practice and develop a strategic flow chart that itemized our services and priorities. This was valuable and necessary for both our evolving practice and for her ultimate strategy for our web design.

2. Ms. Lee utilized numerous image suggestions to crate an appealing modern graphic design scheme for our website.

3. Ms. Lee successfully designed a unique and creative logo that represented our equally unique practice. Most telling was that this difficult design involved prostate cancer.

4. Ms. Lee structured our website for us to be not of a 'box' design but one of customizable code.

5. Ms. Lee, in addition to each of the above, had the ability to further design an extremely premium gold foil business card aimed at our international cash patient base. At $1000 for 1000, this was an important job we felt no concerns with Kristen controlling all elements.

Please contact me from Monday to Friday at (please request phone number) if you require further information or explanation of Ms. Lee's abilities. She has been proven very capable for our company in a plethora of fields that are often not easily explained nor appreciated especially as our recent website nears completion.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle

(request contact information for reference)

August 26, 2016 John L. (Print and Web Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Maintenance)

To Whom It May Concern,

I found Kristen Mae Lee online and hired her to do search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), pay per click advertising (PPC), blogging, website development, graphic design, and printing work for my companies. I was repeatedly impressed and surprised by the results of her talents and skills, particularly with web marketing.

Within two weeks, she gave me many reports with keywords, custom marketing descriptions, target locations, and target markets (TM). She developed custom marketing plans for every service listed above, then achieved goals with tremendous successes over the next six months. She also did extensive research on target areas for expansion. Within another week we were already listed on page one of online search engine searches.

Some highlights are that Kristen developed customized SMM plans and blog articles after studying TM demographics and interests, building our total social media audience up to 5,700 and with weekly post reaches of 460! She came up with incredibly successful hyper targeting keyword and location pay per click advertising that dwarfed my own results from $5,000 a month to $8, 00 with a lower cost per click. Then she set up reverse marketing counteracting Google who was charging me hundreds of dollars for nonsense clicks to further improve my return on investment. Plus, the Analytics reports consistently show that the paid PPC advertising brought lower visitors than the organic visitors brought to the website. The June 22 – July 13, 2016 Google Analytics report for SERVPRO® of Meriden showed 1,187 sessions from 1,034 users with 2.76 pages per session for a total of 3,278 page views with 387 from PPC at a :31s duration with only a 64.70% bounce rate compared to our corporate average norm of a 90% bounce rate. Her starter efforts paid me back within 3 months, but my businesses will benefit from her marketing forever.

She also managed my companies’ print marketing creating beautiful and compelling, well thought out marketing materials.

Kristen is an extremely hard worker constantly pushing to achieve new goals with great marketing instincts and seemingly unlimited ideas that she continually pursues relentlessly. She is very task oriented and confidently expresses herself with an amazing amount of constructive information, then implements the plans that each turn to marketing gold. You need to have Kristen working on your web marketing. She is a huge asset to have for all aspects of web and print marketing.  

(Owner of 5 Servpros and co-owner of Green Construction & Restoration - see below)


August 26, 2016 Peter L. (Website Development, Print and Web Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing)

To Whom It May Concern,
Kristen Mae Lee created an SEO rich website for my company that got to the top of Google searches immediately during the beta testing and she has shown me weekly reports that started with 3,423 web visitors in one week which included search engine robots and spiders crawling the website for the first couple months, and now, still my website averages 264 visitors every month even though I do not do ANY advertising, with a 95.45% goal conversion rate and 0% abandonment rate!

She constantly works to improve on the results that show up in the monthly reports, including bounce rates (-70%), session durations (+1.26m), number of pages visited (+1.83), 49 social media to website visitors became 43 goal conversions in July 2016, and she tripled the results successfully on every effort she made throughout her time working for me with extraordinary consistency.

She designed and printed brochures and window signs for my building and vehicles with an extraordinary vision for marketing. She also printed business cards for my company.

Kristen works very hard, quickly achieving bigger and bigger goals. She rigorously pursues tasked marketing goals. She is also a pleasure to work with because she is always smiling. You should definitely to hire Kristen for your own web and print marketing.

Peter Luciani, Owner (request contact information for reference)
Green Construction & Restoration  

September 15, 2016 Georgia P. (menu re-design, menus printing - 2 orders, website development, signs design and printing)
Kristen is really good in her job. She loves her job. She's a person with a lot of knowledge and is positive thinking. She loves life and everyone that likes people and life. Kristen is successful in everything that she does for me (menus, website, and signs). She is a good professional woman.
Facebook reviews of ikan-ikon MARKETING seo web marketing web design printing graphic design social media marketing

Kristen Mae Lee

PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS (you can request any of the references below as most of the people listed below are still in regular contact, and you can request references from life-long best friends who have not written any of these recommendations too)


March 4, 2010 Rick C.
I met Kristen Lee in the spring of 2003 and was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm and affable character. Over the years, Kristen unselfishly devoted her expertise to projects that I was involved in, including my music group and recording studio. Her contributions were highly appreciated then and will surely never be forgotten. Kristen is an extremely creative individual who eagerly pours her energy into any project she's involved in. Her personality and enthusiasm are infectious, making for an excellent rapport with people. The quality of her work is first-rate. Overall, I would have no reservations recommending Kristen for any position she pursuits. She will surely bring value and creativity to anything she is involved in.


March 4, 2010 Ken M.
I have known Kristen Mae Lee since early autumn 2009. I have found her to be an energetic and intelligent person who has a keen business sense and is driven to succeed. Her enthusiasm for any endeavor she undertakes is evident throughout the entire process, and her determination virtually guarantees success of whatever project is placed in her capable hands. Kristen would be an asset to any organization that chooses to utilize her skills and knowledge.


March 3, 2010 Raul A.
Kristen is a very bright individual. She always knows how to put a smile on someone's face. She is a very creative person; I couldn't do the things she does. No matter what, she always keeps her goals in sight and i admire that about her. She is very respectful and demands the same amount of respect given back to her as well. All in all, Kristen is a very special person in her own ways. I'm proud to say I know her.


March 20, 2010 Jim M.
Kristen is quite amazing. She is so versatile that she can talk about any topic with incredible knowledge, offering excellent seemingly well thought out advice, as if she had planned the conversation in advance.

Kristen is delightful to be around, funny and consistently pleasant. She motivates me in my professional and personal life by her sheer ambition and ideas. Even when she gives me advice I don't really want to hear, she inspires me.

I knew Kristen in high school, then again when she moved back to Norwich, CT recently and we became instant friends. I hired her to create a sign for me and was so impressed by her professionalism and personality that I hired her to work with me designing other projects for my business and others I know.

I know that she will excel in anything she does.


January 16, 2011 Arthur M.
While Kristen Mae Lee has been managing the Liberty Center at Sub Base, she has always treated me and every other sailor who walks through those doors with respect and professionalism. She is always prepared and willing to answer any questions or concerns we may have, no matter how busy she is. She is truly dedicated to her work.


January 3, 2013 Adam H. (via LinkedIn)
Kristen has a very diverse artistic background with expertise in many areas. She loves to experiment with new media, techniques and emotion. Each piece that she creates has its very own personality that, in some cases, jumps right off the canvas. She dives head first into every project and will not stop until it is an exact replica from her mind’s eye. With backgrounds in the traditional and digital, fine art to commercial advertisement and everywhere between she is the right choice for your project.


January 3, 2013 James S. (via LinkedIn)
Kristen Mae Lee is a highly motivated, energetic, productive graphic artist and creative who possesses numerous skills that can benefit any business requiring branding or communication services. 


November 3, 2015 Pete P.
Kristen is quite amazing. She is so versatile that she can talk about any topic with incredible knowledge, offering excellent seemingly well thought out advice, as if she had planned the conversation in advance. Kristen is delightful to be around, funny and consistently pleasant. She motivates me in my professional and personal life by her sheer ambition and ideas. Even when she gives me advice I don't really want to hear, she inspires me. 


September 13, 2016 Frank C.
Kristen is a pretty, loyal, smart, talented person with a good personality and a beautiful smile. She is a good girl and a good-hearted, caring, loving person.

Megan Langford‎ to AspirationsWScom on November 23 at 6:52 pm        
I normally am very pessimistic about people communication with the other side. However last week while Krista and I were hanging out, I mentioned that 3 people I had contact with in the last 2 days had my sister's name, Ashlyn, which was odd and I felt as though it was a sign. Krista then attempted a reading. She started drawing a picture of a person with long eyelashes and a shower cap looking down on a crown with a gear, which she drew as the letter E. She told me that she was continuously drawn to the piercing blue eyes. I asked her if she could tell whether the figure was a man or woman. She said I assume a woman because of the eyelashes. I said I think it's my dad, and Krista asked about what's the deal with the shower cap though. At that point I showed her my favorite picture of my father and I. In the picture Ernie, from Sesame Street is holding me in his arm and my dad is looking down at us as we are about to pose for a picture. She looked at the picture and started laughing because my father's poofy 90's hair was the shower cap, the E or gears was Ernie and I was his little princess, the crown( which incidentally was an M, for Megan). It brought me to tears, the happy kind, and I felt lighter after the entire process was over. It was not the intent of our meeting and was very surreal. (She didn’t mention the crown M, which is actually how her father was describing her to me in the photo. You can see this testimonial with the sketch I drew as I was seeing the messages and the real photo he was referencing on Facebook)

Allie Morris to Aspirationswscom on March 6, 2016
Krista came to my home and did a reading on me.. It was so spot on it actually scared me.. She said there is a woman with Brillo hair.. And saw wood and fire.. My grandmother passed who had brillo hair and she lost her mind when her oldest son went in the their barn. She fell asleep with his oil lamp.. The hay caught fire. My grandfather pulled him out and while my grandmother was there standing over her son my grandfather pulled my uncle Al's boots off and his legs came with it.. He survived but lost both of his legs and my grandmother lost her mind and was institutionalized at Norwich state hospital.. Amazing she picked up on that immediately!!! Thankfully once the reading was done she layed hands on me and gave me a blessing. It was so calming and loving. The very best and real deal! 

David Coombs‎ to Aspirationswscom on November 7        
Krista is a real joy to work with,she is kind and understanding no matter whats going on,she pulled me up and dusted me off and showed my a new way to see things...things of hope are as not as far as it seemed...if your can control your thinking,you can change you life for the better..I WAS having painc attacks and was hurting bad...and i just needed to know someone cared,.when i realy just tought no one cared..i was so wrong!...i never meet anyone so not selfish in my life...and it changed my life.

(Pete – requested to keep his last name private) on February 22, 2016
Krista’s insights as a Life Coach are very helpful, especially the advice she gives during times of psychological struggle. The things Kirsten teaches are ultimately true (with the realizations that come through hearing the things she says as she applies them specifically to my circumstances). Knowing now what she has taught me allows me to maintain patience and practice these skills in all aspects of my life. Thank you Krista!

Louis H. (private message) on November 17, 2016
Love your openness. It has helped me.

Anonymous (private message) on October 18, 2016
You are the angel of my garden! When I was wondering to find a way to my future, there you came as an angel to show me the right path. You have helped me finding the true heroism in me and paved me the way to learn about life. Thanks for those moments!

Jason on October 5, 2016
You are very direct in your blog posts which is refreshing.

Freddie on October 17, 2016
I can see that you have a good heart.

Ed on February 23, 2015
You’re so amazing. Thank you.

Joel on October 10, 2016
I’m glad I found you. Interesting content.

Elizabeth on October 24, 2016
Thank you. That is a beautiful positive message.

Anonymous (private message) on October 19, 2016
thank you for your awesome message to those going through drug and alcohol abuse. I myself am now on Savannah Georgia. I have seen my kids resent me, my wife be mad at me as well as her kids, my family, my friends. It has been too long and I have been sober since September 06 2016. I am in AA and that is Step 3 I believe. to place everything into God's Hands. I am now at step 9 to make amends. and every day go through step 10 and 11. I also signed up for the group. Thank you and peace upon you.

(update) December 10, 2016
I am doing great. This past Monday I got my 90 day chip. I have made amends in my 9th step. I continually practice steps 10 11 and 12 each and every day. God is in my life totally.

Ron on October 13, 2016
(blessings in Navajo) Thank you for your faith and advocating for those in recovery. I was able to read a few of your posts. I honor you and may Creator continue to honor you.

Eric on October 1, 2016
You’re always so supportive. I hope all is well.

Mike on September 1, 2014
Thank you very much for the research. I’m looking forward to the water horse back riding and I believe (my wife) will be very surprised.

Melissa on June 28, 2016
You make me feel there is hope. You are a wonderful person.

Christopher on December 22, 2015
Thanks for all the info. It was helpful.

Joe on December 15, 2015
Thanks for taking the time to try to help someone you don’t even know. You’re a good person Krista.

Daniel on July 1, 2015
Thank you and thank you very much for helping me. I’m just in emotional wreck at this moment driving down the road.

Lori on August 13, 2015
You’re the best! Thank you so much. You’re very special.

Bob on July 18, 2015
It’s refreshing to see someone with wisdom! I cannot abide stupidity, so you are a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous on April 7, 2015
For every bit of my heart that is good, yours is double. You are a wonderful person and a blessing as well.

Ronald on December 14, 2014
Thank you. It’s something nobody should go through. I cry every time I speak., think, really everything. Talking is really the best thing. Thank you.

Anonymous on January 17, 2014
Thank you for being a blessing in my life.

Patti on February 29, 2012
Thank you for your participation (in the benefit) and I pray God blesses and prospers you.


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