ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design

ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design
ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design

ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design
ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design

ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design
ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design

ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design


Studies have shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, and a higher number of social media followers tend to improve trust and credibility in your brand, representing social proof. You are losing sales by not having a strong social media presence right now.


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There is a lot involved in setting up a social media marketing profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc...
Just going through the steps to make a page never gets people interested in your business. ikan-ikon.com sets up your entire profile to be search engine optimized, link many times in many ways to your website, have a strong business profile that builds up your web presence so that when people look for your products or services, they can find you and value your business for their needs. We also make the graphics so that your profile is a synergistic extension of your website representing your business beautifully. The big goal afterall is to get sales, not just to make a profile that sits online...


The Entire SMM Profile Set Up Package ($75 per SMM site)



The way Social Media Marketing works is to build up impressions and followers every week to grow your audience so you are more likely to get sales out of your social media marketing campaign with more of an investment into this area of your marketing.

1) We post at peak times for your specific business and industry, to get you noticed.

2) Every Social Media Marketing package listed here includes a variety of very different types of posts that involve pre-planning and we follow our proprietary custom Social Media Marketing Plan that markets your business specifically. The SMM plan is very well-rounded and engages your different Target Market audiences on different levels from different angles following the 80/20 rule.

3) Every post we create is relevant and gives your Target Market what they need and want on a consistent basis, based on their demographics.

4) You get weekly and monthy reports to show you what is going on and track the results of our progress.


Organic Social Media Marketing is an EXCELLENT way to build your business because:

•  SMM is so natural for your Target Market to bond with you,

•  They get to trust your brand,

•  Appreciate your offerings,

•  While they are just doing their own thing,

•  We keep you on their minds so that when they need what you offer, they choose you.


The biggest benefits you get with every social media package are:

While we are on your social media account(s) working on your posts, we are also checking your messages, communicating with your online customers and visitors, and building up those online relationships. Every Social Media visitor EXPECTS a FAST response within 1 hour, so the more presence you have, the better off you will be.


What problems can Social Media Marketing solve?
A HUGE problem for businesses can be negative comments that go unnoticed and/or unresolved. We monitor and handle these crisis situations as they arise while we are in your social media accounts so that negative posts won't destroy your business! We work hard to ensure that your reputation is top notch.



Choose your SMM presence...

[These packages are per Social Media Marketing Profile Page (ie: Facebook or Twitter, etc)]


SMM PACKAGES (no commitments, but campaigns average 3+ months)

Rolling out a marketing campaign for a new product or service needs more posts than the average, s
o keep that in mind too, if that is what you are planning.






#1) Boost your seo ranking and promote links to your website with SEO articles from your social media profile pages.

SEO SMM Blog Articles (should post at least 1 article per week for best search engine optimization and building up followers and links to your website.)


SEO SMM Blog Articles


#2) Did you know that posts with videos get 10x more action engagements (shares, likes, and links)? Ask us to make you custom online commercial videos that we can use to promote your business across the Internet.

Online Commercial Videos (videos have a dramatically higher engagement rate than any other kind of posts, so your online marketing campaign should include at least 1 video as often as you can afford to post relevant videos.)


Using marketing videos drastically improves your engagements!




      Facebook link Twitter link LinkedIn link Blogger link YouTube link Wanna Skype?


$12 per post for Social Media Marketing

We have just one very low charge! No long-term contracts required. Simply order your package above and wait for your social media marketing successes to kick in!!!

ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design

ikan-ikon seo search engine optimization web site design

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